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Got a new book in today called Artful Cards that has 3 PoppetTM greeting cards that I created in it. Cute book with lots of great artwork by a variety of different artists.

Halloween went great! It was fun seeing all the kids that came to our house. I felt sorry for the kids who didn't have any friends to trick-or-treat with. There were one or two all on their own, all dressed up in costume, with their un-costumed mom waiting at the end of the driveway. Seemed kind of sad.

I did manage to get Toby to wear his costume for all of 3 minutes. Here's a photo of him paired with the Ewok from Star Wars that he is supposed to look like. You can judge how well you think I did. I tried!
look at Toby's cute teeth ! you did a great job with his costume.

Cool cards too !
he looks JUST like an ewok. eerie! ;)
yes, I know-- lone trick-or-treaters are sad. I saw a couple on halloween night, too and wanted to invite them to join our gaggle of kids!

your ewok is HILARIOUS.
oh yes, almost forgot- totally digging these cards!
hehe! too cute!! :)

we ended up getting NO trick or treaters. I couldn't believe it. :/
What a cute Ewok! My Miyagi (shih tzu) looks like a little Ewok too...maybe that's what he can be for next Halloween! :)
My hubby loved Toby's comtume, being a big Star Wars fan and all. Too bad Toby didn't care for it more.

The Poppet cards are very cute.

Toby as an EWOK is the cutest thing I have seen in a long while!!!
"yub yub"
Claudine, OMG, Toby in his costume is one of the funniest things I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing the picture! My son printed it and is hanging it on our refrigerator!
Angie in AZ
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