busy.. busy

Had my
coaching appt today, with Sheri Gaynor. It was great as usual! I always feel so energized and focused afterwards.

Then worked on other stuff that needed to get done, also finished up this self portrait piece. It is part of a round robin book exchange I am in with 24 other artists. This one was in
Lesley Riley's book. Yes, that's me as a little girl, I was about 6 or 7 here I think.

I am excited! Tomorrow night is my class with
Donne Bitner at the Crealde Arts Center in Winter Park. I am looking forward to taking a class just for me! I'll let you know how it goes.
It's always nice to come from such a meeting with focus! I am totally loving this self portrait piece. What a wonderful book that'll be. I've been thinking I want to do a self portrait chunky book but after the one I am currently hosting is done. I just love the idea of that. Tonight I'm supposed to be making (wouldn't you know it) 6 Poppet ATCs from the Chubbyville swap...I love your style so much but I just am having the hardest time trying to do something like it. :) Ah well, I'm no Claudine! ;) Anyway, have fun at your class! I need to get myself in a class again soon. You just take so much from them!
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