Paul and I have been working on my first podcast.

This one is about my Freshman year painting class and the trials and tribulations that go along with being a first year painter, and having a teacher that looks and acts just like George Carlin.

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I hope to have new podcasts every month or so.
Hope you like it!
Hi Claudine - I loved the podcast... I am so afraid of going to artschool b/c I am afraid that I will miss the education b/c I will be so obsessed about approval from others. You give me hope!
I know I've already told you once but I just have to say it again! loved the podcast!

oh, and I love your character here... I love this retro-like chick with an ipod. funny!
Hi Claudine - I just listened to this podcast and I could totally relate, having gone through the same art school horrors. I hope you'll do more podcasts on this subject. I really enjoyed it. In response to Heather (comment above) I was also very afraid about art shool for the very same reasons. All my life, I'd drawn *differently* than others. I always had people telling me that 'that's not the way eyes look' and such. It wasn't until I went to art school that I was no longer afraid to SHOW my drawings because ... wow ... I had learned I had a STYLE all my own. It was ok to draw the way I did and was ENCOURAGED To draw in my style. Anyway ... I am babbling ... *LOL*. Enjoyed this podcast. Hope you do another. Thanks!
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