illustration friday: clear
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "clear"

(click image to enlarge)
When I first read the theme, I had no ideas. But after brainstorming a little I decided I wanted to depict a busy woman trying to clear her head so that she can meditate. Whenever I try to meditate, my brain starts a lengthy list of all the things I should be doing, laundry, returning phone calls, picking up dry cleaning etc. Never a clear mind for me!

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You totally captured the theme! Nice piece. I'm having a slow start with this week's too.
she defiently has a lot on her mind nice work
great idea! she's lovely.
She looks so composed. I am sure she Cleared her head. Lovely!
Very original take on the theme. I like how you made your figure sitting down -- a departure from most of your standing figures.
very very nice :)
Great illustration...Great concept and love all the little icons.
It's funny. It's true. Hey, it's funny because it's true! Great depiction of meditation as I've always ended up doing it. Always feels like my brain is juggling thoughts (like your icon-encircled meditator) rather than focusing on my breath or third eye.
Ah, how true - your illustration is perfect, Claudine =) I'm still racking my brain on what to do with the theme this week...but yours is so right on. Love it!
Lovely illustration, and lovely site! I especially enjoy your color palates...they're just perfect for your work!
great illustration! and oh man, i can totally relate...i stopped to wonder what would be in my thought, laundry, cats, bed, the fiance, class, friend's birthday, the list goes on. :-)
delightful work and great concept :)
Lovely illo!
That's a clever idea!
clearly brilliant claudine! love it...
this is a perfect illustration for theme! i wish too that i could have a clear mind because my head never stops thinking.
Thank you for your comments...your entry sure got my wife and i talking!

Your colour work is wonderful...
nice use of pattern fills throughout your work. The color palette is perfect.
yes, womens brain is full with daily stuff, we - men, are more narrow...

and there is nothing to fix!
Lovely work!
nice work, very true also.
By the look on her face, it seems that she's on her way to inner peace! I love the little icons and the serene blues. Very calming and clear!
Yay! Great illustration!

I STILL can't think of what to do for "clear", though I had promised myself that I would do an Illustration Friday this week......
thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate your lovely comments. Glad to see so many can relate, at least I know I am not alone :)
I love the graphic elements -- everything looks so calm and clear in the picture. And Oh yes, I can definitely relate to the list of must do's turning meditation into list making!
Oh no. You're definitely NOT alone. LOL
nice blog!

really nice work:)like your style
really nice work:)like your style
Meditating goes like this. "Hey! All the voices in my head are finally gone- DAMN IT!" :)
funny one it!!
Hee. There should be a club for women like us! Great illo
You nailed it with this one. Very cool.
great stuff...i really like your style!
I totally relate, your bubbles are so neat and clean though, my would be all jumbled and busy. this is nice~ I wish I could do this with my mind!
You're right, it was a tough theme this week, but you depicted it so perfectly!!
great take on the topic! :)
very nice. happens to me, too.
really great style...looks so awesome!
so true - lovely piece too
Very nice. Great illo.
I just love your work. It always makes me smile!
excellent design! you are a great illustrator :)
Terrific illustration! Great colors.
So simple and sweet. I love it
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