Sunday, November 05, 2006
weekend update
The weekend went by way too fast. Our niece Madison's baptism went wonderfully today! We are now officially God parents, which is exciting! Thank you everyone for your present suggestions. We ended up getting her a sliver tooth holder for her first tooth and a silver birthday cake set that has these silver candle holders that she can use at each of her birthday's. It was a different present and I think they liked it. We found it at the jewelers where we got our wedding rings. I did end up wearing the bridesmaids dress and it worked out great. yay! Now We're exhausted! nighty night!


The bridesmaid dress is really pretty and I imagine it looks great on your cute little figure! Sounds like you found some nice gifts that were original but very appropriate for the occasion. So glad for you that the day worked out so well!
What a neat-0 gift idea!!! OHHH a happy memory gift that can be a happy memory tradition ranks UBER High on my gift giving scale....
Thanks for the gift idea....
Keep creating!!!!!

(do you work in a different art medium?)
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