Smart Creative Style scholarship giveaway!
I have a very exciting giveaway today! 

Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women is giving away one spot in her online class Smart Creative Style (a $440 value!!) Wow! thanks Monica! This is so exciting! 

*** CONTEST IS CLOSED *** scroll down to see the WINNER!

Here are a few little details from Monica about her class:
Smart Creative Style is a 6 week online course that will help you distinguish your personal creative style and run your business. What do the best brands have in common? A singular focus and a knowing of who they are and what emotion lies behind their brand. That focus enables them to make decisions regarding all aspects of their business, including core values and marketing. 

Your personal style and your creative business style overlap, and the key to clear branding and good business decisions comes from knowing what works for you, what you are best at and how to communicate that to the world!

This course covers:
business models 

core business 
values competition 
target audience
logos and brand identity marketing
we talk about ALL platforms of social media and we ask our guests, to share what is working for their brands!! 

I was thrilled to be a guest interview for Monica's class, in the interview, I share my social media and business strategies. Also I took the class the first time Monica ran it and I have to tell you it's fabulous!

Find out more about Smart Creative Style here, class starts Feb 11th!  

Just comment on this blog post and let us know why you'd love to take this class! One winner will have a chance to win one spot in Monica's online class Smart Creative Style. Winner will be selected at random using on Monday February 3rd at 5pm EST. No purchase necessary to enter. Please make sure to leave your email when you comment if you don't have that info on your profile so I can contact you!
Thanks for playing! 

**** WE HAVE A WINNER! ****
 Congrats to Jennifer Garant! Enjoy Monica's class! Monica will be contacting you soon with all the details!
Thanks everyone for playing :)

PS: Want more online class goodness? Take my class Technique Toolbox side by side with Monica's class! 25 techniques/5 weeks/Forever access - all for $50!! Click here for details!


This class is exactly what I need. I am a graphic/web designer and I need to focus on the business side of things. Thanks for the offer!
Having worked with Monica in other ways, I know how smart, creative and wonderfully encouraging she is. I'd love the opportunity to work with her personally.
Wow, I would love the opportunity to take this class! I love so many different things that I can not seem to focus and really know my style. I'm too all over the place. I would love to know more about marketing too. Thank you so much for the chance to win this!
Just the course I need to bring it all together for me. I have the Art, I have the licensing deals, I have the studio, I have my collateral material, I have had some press….Now I need the next step and with Monica... I know I would be" walking "in the right direction! I would love an opportunity to work with her.
I'd love to take this class since I'm just starting out and feel it would be really beneficial to me in so many ways. I want to find out how I can really focus and hone in on my style

Sounds like a wonderful class to be part of..I have a new business making buttons and jewellery and I know this is exactly what I have been looking for, a crucial part of moving forward..
I would soooo love to take this course. My business is kind of stuck and I really want it to take off!
I'm an extremely talented & super motivated person. My prior experience/career is in the world of tax consulting and I have never worked professionally in the art world. I started my art business in June 2013. I have no doubt that with the opportunity to have a crash course in the world of art and illustration I can take my business to the next level.
I am a committed Smart Creative blog reader and have always wanted to work with Monica. I love her energy and getting a different perspective on my business would be excellent.
Hello Why do I want to win this Smart Creative Women , love Monica, what she has to say to all of us out there. I would like very much to find my style. MaryJane
Having made many, many brand mistakes with my last business, I want to step into my new business with the right attitude, the correct knowledge so that my new sparkly brand will SHINE!! Thanks for this fab oppertunity xx Ali Benyon -
I just adore Monica!! What she is doing is so wonderful. She is empowering ALL of us women and inspiring us. She is so smart, so creative, and just a peach! I feel like she is a friend even though I have never met her. I would LOVE the opportunity to be her student!!! Thank you Claudine for doing this and I loved watching your interview with Monica!
I am in the process of creating something very new and challenging, a series of creative workshops to be given in Umbria, Italy. We will offer two courses: Creative Mixed Media and one for writers, Wild Writing into the Journey of Our Lives. The hope is that we will have artisans and writers participate and work together with our students, sharing their talents and ideas. It's a brand new concept and I need to put the package together to effectively market this in this country. The Italians are ready and very willing to join in. I really need help understanding how to brand this and move it to the marketplace soon. Thanks
This is such an exciting opportunity and would love to be chosen to participate. I want to take my business to the next level. I know this class will be great and could show me the way. Thanks so much for the opportunity
I'm so inspired by Monica and all that she has done. This is an incredibly generous offer of her! I'm an illustrator looking to organize basically everything that is always running through my brain. It's overwhelming to have so many thoughts and ideas buzzing but no idea of where to begin, and I think her classes sound very helpful!

Thank you for sharing!
Jessie Miller (@pigknit)
I have two Etsy shops because I feel like I have a split personality! Or do I? I love so many ideas that I feel all over the place. I need branding help making my business look as good as I feel about it! I'm an out of work architect that illustrates and is working on stationery, as well as home decor accents. I'd love advice because I don't want to go in the wrong direction from where I've already had success. I would love to win your scholarship because I stay at home and want a modest business to run from home while I raise our toddler son. Thank you so much for the opportunity!!
I would love to take this course because although I've got so much drive and motivation to make something out of my graphic designs, I still need to arm myself with the business side of things-especially from someone as smart, creative, and successful as Monica!

<3 Neela
neela22p (

My goal is to transition to full time work in my art business. After years of selling product and original art this course will help me create the vision and practical steps to get there.
I just started a design business selling a home decor item. I am struggling to brand myself and do everything. I would love Monica's guidance and feel the class could really help!
I play Monica Lee's podcasts non stop on my headphones while I am working on my illustrations. I learn a lot from it and it keeps me inspired and motivated. I would love to take her class!
I would love to have the means to take this class, so the opportunity to win a scholarship to this course would be simply amazing and give me the reassurance that this is the right path for me. I'm just starting out and have so many ideas to work with that I'll take any guidance and education I can get my hands on. I'm very passionate about finding my place in the art world! Thanks for this awesome opportunity!! Carole
Monica's Smart Creative Women is my favorite of all creative blogs that I follow . The women she chooses to interview are always full of useful information for other artists and creators . I have a licensing business with a branded look for one body of work but I am ready to venture out to other things . I would love to work with Monica and expand my knowledge with someone I admire .
Thank you for this opportunity !
I want to SHINE...please pick me :) Thank you for the chance to win!!!
Wow, this is so generous! Monica is full of so much wisdom, inspiration, and motivation. I would LOVE to win the scholarship for the Smart Creative Style course. I started an Etsy shop over the summer, but just sort of make it up as I go; I know I could really benefit from this fabulous course! Thanks for giving us the chance to win a scholarship :)
I would love to be a part of Smart Creative Style! I'm a fashion designer, so fashion style is my business. I've just launched a new brand called Puzzle Apparel (, which allows shoppers to custom design their purchase with handmade accent materials by outstanding American fiber artists. But when it comes to making sure my designs meet my customers' needs, I need to continuously hone in on my business style and find a perfect product-market fit. That is about having a brand style, a niche focus for the types of products I offer, and the right presentation. Thank you, Monica for the opportunity!
Claudine and Monica- Thanks for the inspiration! This class would continue this inspiration in such a positive way. Not only so I learn more about focusing my business, but I would appreciate the high energy and laughs Monica would give along the way!
I would love to take Monica's online class. I love watching her video's on Smart Creative Style! They have inspired me to take things up a notch in my small business and to set goals and dream a little bit bigger. I think she is so much fun and I would love to learn more from her.
-Lynn Muir @theurbanpost
What a great opportunity! I am a huge fan of Monica's. I've tuned into some of her videos and know that she is extremely knowledgeable. My business is about a year old, so it's a perfect time to take step back and get focused again. I want to make sure I'm on the right path and my brand is cohesive from all angles. I know taking her class would be super beneficial. Please pick me! :-)
Claudine... Watching you these 4 or so years via twitter it is amazing how you grew. Showing people how to use your product, developing more and leaping on to QVC for the first time to watching you sky rocket everywhere now!. I knew you loved what you did and you knew who you were or what you wanted to shoot for! Not only that but 2 times I had question and both times not only answering, but taking the time to explain. You had this quality that many of us must learn, not you didn't hit walls, but you had that sense of target. I of course would Love to win this, but wanted to say how much you have inspirited me! And yes I love your pets... Especially Maggie!
I've heard that this Smart Creative Style course is absolutely top notch and a huge benefit. I would love to take it. My thanks to you Claudine for offering this scholarship!

Wow! This sounds like an awesome class! I'm in the very beginning stages of creating a creative business. Information like this now will probably save me more time later!
Thanks for the giveaway!
I've been struggling to rebrand my art on my own. It would be a dream come true to have support and guidance. I've also heard amazing stories from this class.
Smart Creative Style will really help me find MY style. I have so many ideas and so many directions I can go. I just need to figure out which is truly ME or how to combine all of them as my style.
How exciting! I would love to win this class because I am eager to grow my brand and I am always looking for ways to improve! Thank you Phyllis Harris for sharing such a wonderful opportunity with your fans on FB! Thank you Claudine & Monica for offering an amazing chance for Small Businesses to educate themselves and grow!
} Jessica {
Love Monica! Would love a spot in her class! I need to learn more about branding myself, that's the hard part for me.
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What a great opportunity. I am in the process of starting a creative business and this class will give me the solid foundation that I will need.
Thank you for the opportunity.

Got to be in it to win it ;) I'm loving building my business but I get so caught up in the 'ooo, yes I can make that, and that, and that' kid in a candy store kinda thing. I'd love to develop an authentic brand style as part of this course and with Monica (and guests) guidance. My fingers are crossed.
sarah (
There is so much to learn in managing your own business. I would love to excel at both! Thank you for the chance to learn from the best!
I'd love to win a spot on this course, it's just what I need right now! I love Monica's energy! Thanks for the opportunity to win! : )
I would love to take this class because #1, I love, love, love Monica Lee, her message, her attitude, her style, everything. #2, I have so many ideas that I need help focusing and determining MY creative style. And #3, I want to SHINE, and be a light in the darkness.
I would love to win a spot in Monica's course because she has such a wealth of wisdom. My art business is still in baby-step mode (because I've been busy having babies) and I would love to put all of the style, branding and marketing pieces in place here at the very beginning of my career and know that I will be off to a killer good start. AND my birthday is February 2--last year my gift from my husband was a coaching session with Monica. How cool would it be to win a spot in her course for my birthday this year?!
I have found success in my current creative endeavor, but would love Monica's guidance on refining, redesigning my focus---to be able to be just as successful doing what I REALLY want to do! Please throw my name in the hat!
I would love to have a chance to work with Monica. I have been an artist for a long time but only recently have had an opportunity to try and make a living from being creative. It would be so beneficial to have Monica help me to solidify my brand and as well as other aspects of my business.

I have about 6 different styles...I need a little clarification! What a great class. Thanks for the chance to win a seat!
I would love to take the Smart Creative Style course because I think Monica Lee is FABULOUS! I have been working at my creative business for about a year, and I know this course would help me take my business to the next level of success and help me be more successful internationally. Thank you very much for this opportunity to win a scholarship! Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed!:) (
Thank you for this chance. I love Monica. She has wonderful energy. She is smart and creative.:) (I think she needs to be interviewed). I love her personal story she recently shared and would love the opportunity to learn from her. The business side of art is what I need help with. Thank you.
ooooohhh!!! I would LOVE to take this course. I´ve been watching Monica for about 3 months and I´ve been so inspired by her and her guests! I´m a colombian graphic designer. I´m freelancing in editorial design for about four years and I´m a bit tired of it. I want to jump to another level and develop my own brand in pattern design. I´m walking my path on "self knowing" (don´t know if this right in english) and I think this course will make a perfect match with me!
Thanks for this chance.
Paula (
Wow, what an amazing opportunity.
I have been following Monica for quite some time now. In fact, the interview with you, Claudine, was one of the first that I watched.
Monica is been such an inspiration to me. Monica has found her calling and has made such a difference to so many people. I can only dream of finding my passion in life and being so dedicated to chase after it. After a devastating hardship recently, I've had to start over and had to put my entire creative world on hold. I'm finally getting my feet back on the ground and Smart Creative Style is just the thing I need to help clarify my voice and my brand, so I can reestablish myself and my artistic career. It would give me the boost I need to finally get back to what I love, and having the confidence to share it with the world.

Claudine and Monica thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity.
I am at a career crossroads, and Monica's class would be the perfect way to see my path more clearly. I'm a big fan of Monica's blog, and Claudine, I look forward to getting to know your blog as well. Your illustrations are wonderful. Thank you both for this great opportunity.
After the floods in estes I have struggled to pull everything back to a center so I can move forward and grow my creativity outlets. I really could use some help tying my social media with my website and online retail sites. I have spent months doing little else and see some results but then I have little time to produce new things!
excited for this opportunity!
WOW! What a generous give-away, Claudine and Monica--I just couldn't help but throw my hat into the ring, too! I have been in Office Mgmt & Admin for so long that I really didn't think that there was any kind of future for my creative side. In 2013, I made the leap (it was actually one of those A-HA moments) and said "Why Not Me, Too?" and started my blog and launched my little home-based business. But now, I'm feeling a bit lost and unfocused and just don't know how to really kick-start myself as a creative professional. I think this course will be exactly what I need to give me the confidence and knowledge to really get myself out there and become a person with high potential in the creative field. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity and Good Luck to Everyone who's taking the same chances as I am. XOXO-Shari
OOOPSSS--Totally forgot to leave my email...just in case:

Good Luck Everyone! XOXO-Shari
I've been illustrating Children's books for 25 years. Now I'd like to try Licensing to an adult audience. I have a product I'm ready to market and I'm looking for a way to get started. This could be it!

So generous!! I would LOVE the opportunity to take this course, i could really use some clarity and direction.
I could really use some help here. I have worked in offices and really want to try my hand at a "creative business" I would like to start a blog and etsy store but I just don't know how to go about it. I think this class could help.
I need to be in the class for one or all of the following reasons:
-I am the truthteller and I tell the truth when no one else has the courage.
-I am fun to have in a class and I can give you references to prove it.
-I need to figure out how to foc u s myself on promoting and have a plan, which I never do.
so pick me please
When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I am so ready to take this class and benefit from the knowledge, mentoring and advice that only Monica can deliver. I know this experience will be life expanding and I am eager to absorb all that I can and put it to good use in clarifying and marketing my brand.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.
Fingers crossed, Jeudi
Wow, what a great opportunity. I've run my business (Jennifer Garant Studios) for almost 10 years now and have been in the art business for a long time. I have a known brand of artwork, most known for my fat chefs and waiters. I could really use some help with Social Media. I have a facebook site and a website but really want to learn how to integrate everything with Social Media. I just signed up for Pinterest, but haven't a clue what it is. Thanks for this great opportunity.
Jennifer Garant
I used to blog, but now it's been so long. I'd love to find my voice again and feel confident in my style. I miss it dearly and would love to have some guidance and inspiration.
Offering a scholarship is so generous. Thank you Monica and Claudia, I have been following Monica for a few years and love her interviews. Her guests are inspiring and I always come away feeling invigorated and more focused on my work. I would love the opportunity to work with Monica. The class is just what I need to help develop a strategy that will define my creative style, incorporate my originality, create a memorable brand and express my unique voice in the business of art.
Ooops - here's my email:
I am sooooo ready to leave my corporate position and focus on my creative side. Just need a little push and confidence. Thanks for this opportunity Monica & Claudine.
I would love to win this class. It just might be the push I need to get myself focused on what I need to do to promote myself and my talents. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity. Sure hope I win :)
Thanks for this opportunity! I'm truly at the beginning stages of streamlining my creative pursuits into a clear product and message! This sounds like a marvelous class!
I need to learn more about social media. I want to lear more, too, about business models. Thanks for the giveaway!
I have been out of the creative loop for several years and miss it so. This would be a great way to draw me in again and let me develop that creative side that I love so much.
Get me out of the dark ages! I need to learn the best ways to promote my creations and appreciate your generous offer.
I would love to get this opportunity to get myself more focused on the business aspect of my small creative business and learn how to brand myself and use it to the bring it to the next level!!!
All the best Louise
This class would be perfect to help me jump start my video slideshow business. I can use every bit of business help I can get as I start this business later in my life! Thank you for this wonderful offer!

Sheri T.
I would LOVE to win this! I met Monica recently at Alt Summit and she was just so inspiring and set the fire for me of what it really means to be true to yourself in everything in life but especially in establishing your brand! I read her blog now and LOVE her emails. I am an event designer and I definately feel like a small girl in a big world sometimes. Monica is so amazing at letting you know that it is ok to be you in this big world of successful businesses-and that this is the key to being successful AND happy! I would LOVE to win! my email:
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Looking for ward to start next week!
oops, my email:
Hi Claudine! I would love the opportunity to win the scholarship! I have a home monogramming business. I would like to make it into something unique- offer something different- in order to separate myself from other similar businesses. I have recently stumbled upon "Smart Creative Style" and am very excited that such a course even exists!! Thank you for the opportunity and the inspiration!
Kristin Driscoll

I am a graphic design student right now. I think this course would be really helpful for me! Thanks for this opportunity, Claudine!

Corynn Chan
I am my best self when I play in my art room. I also own a professional organization company. One of my niche markets are other creatives, as I know how out of hand a creative space can get. My goal is to develop my voice in my art (mixed media collage) so I can take the leap forward to sell it on Etsy. I too often put off any creative work until there is "Time." In otherwords - my dream is to be a multi-preneur and be able to generate income from both my passions.
2014 is the year for me! This class will set me up for huge success, I just know it! I am a corporate rat working through the grind and new mother, preparing to launch a big idea that will allow me to do what I am passionate about! I know the first step is understanding what makes me unique and what makes what I am offering unique, and I know this course will help me do it! I look forward to this workshop of self exploration and discovery. Let me take the ride with you! Thank you for offering such a great service to so many, Claudine and Monica!
Thanks so much for offering this give away! I would love to do that course! I am a graphic designer branching out into surface pattern design and illustration and have so far concentrated on getting a good portfolio together. So far so good – but I definitely could use help with communicating what I am all about. Plus so far I don't really rock social media :-( so could use some help there too! Fingers crossed ;-)
My email is:
Claudine! This is so generous. Thank you so much for the opportunity to take this course. It would be such a great learning experience. I would love it! Thank you

I have studied set and costume design in New York. Having worked for years in theatre and being a mom I decided to start a new business 4 years ago. My wish is designing exceptional basics with an effortless elegance for classy women. Now I feel I am getting closer to my wish, but I still feel I need a better understanding how to transport my idea visually and linguisticly. So I believe this class would be perfect for me to get a fresh start for this new year and would help me take the next step to reach my goal.
I'd love a chance for a class with Monica! Love her!!
I would love to take this class because A). I LOVE Monica & am a huge Smart Creative fan & B). I need and want to narrow down my creative styles, I feel I'm a little all over the map - mostly because of trying so hard to be successful at making joey and a living. I am starting to see more & more success as many, many of my illustrations/art are being licensed but I would love to create a bit more focus to my style.
This is fantastic! Monica is truly an inspiration and I know anyone taking this class will have the tools to grow their business. I have a small business and would love the chance to take it to the next level. This class could help me and everyone else in my position do that! Thanks for offering this great opportunity!! You're the best, ladies!!! :)
I would love to take Monica's course. Thank you so much for offering such a great opportunity!
I have looked at this course and wished I could take it. I'm taking the MATS (Make Art That Sells) course right now so I can't afford anything else. but maybe next year. Its good to see some positive comments here about the course.
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