easy tinted glass bottles
Here’s a quick and easy way to tint glass bottles and jars using Claudine Hellmuth Studio paint! They look so pretty sitting in a sunny window and once the paint is dry and cured you can fill your bottle with water to use it as a vase! The best part, it takes just a few minutes to make! 

On pinterest there are lots of beautiful tutorials about how to tint glass bottles. Most of the directions use food coloring and white glue. It makes a great look but the only problem is you can’t put water in the bottle or it will wash away. 

I thought "I wonder if this would work with paint, and if it would stay adhered to the bottle even when filled with water?" Well it worked and here's how you can make these too! 

Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints: Classic Teal, Dash of Red, Smidge of Blue, Dab of Yellow 
Small paper cup 
Plastic spoon 
Paper towels 
Glass bottles or jars (I used Starbucks bottles)

Squeeze your paint onto a plastic spoon, here you can see the amount that I used. Classic Teal, Dash of Red, Smidge of Blue, Dab of Yellow work best because they are the most transparent. 

Fill a small paper cup with water. You can see here the level that I filled my cup to. You can experiment with adding more or less water to get darker or lighter looks 

Mix in the paint with the water. Make sure it is thoroughly mixed, so there aren’t any globs of paint left behind. 

 Pour the mixture into your bottle and then swirl it around. Make sure to cover all areas. I recommend doing this part over a sink. 

 Dump the excess back into your paper cup. 

 Place your bottle on a paper towel upside down to dry. You may see some streaks but don’t fuss with them, they will blend in as the paint dries. Wait till the next day to make sure it’s fully dry! Decide if you want to add a second coat. Colors used here from left to right: Dash of Yellow, Classic Teal, Dab of Red. 

Once your jar is completely dry you can use it as a vase for real or paper flowers! Here I'm using my vase for printable flowers, (it's a FREE download and you can grab yours here!)

Download these paper printable flowers here and make them to add to your vase too! I think this would make a fabulous mother's day gift don't you? 

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LOVE LOVE LOVE these bottles! Thank you for sharing such a great tutorial. I have some great bottles that are going to get a new look!
Love this idea and that they hold water!!! The flowers are super cute! :) Evie
Wow this is such a cute idea!
thanks all!! so glad you like it!!!
So cool! TFS!
I love this and can't wait to try it....

You're the best Claudine!!
Thank you, Claudine, for this great, fun tutorial! I'm going to add it to my Pinterest!
I've been saving my Tazo tea bottles. Now I can make them look pretty. Thank you.
Amazingly beautiful!
Thanks so much Claudine... This is a really cute project....Catherine
would you get the same result as using alcohol inks mixed with a little rubbing alcohol...have had fabulous results too with that technique
This is sooooo very neat Claudine! Love it! TFS!!!
Ooh, I love this. Glass jars and bottles are so simple and beautiful. And you are right - it's on Pinterest everywhere. Love that using your paints means they can take water and real flowers. Putting this on my to do list for the weekend.
I love this idea. Thanks for the idea and flower printables.
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