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Blog envy. We all get it. It starts off as innocent internet surfing and next thing you know you feel like everyone's life is better than yours. They make more art, they have more success they are holding their babies in one arm and making art with the other, they have giant book deals all while whipping up recipes from Pinterest. They get tons of blog comments, they get lots of advertisers on their blogs, whatever you feel is lacking in your life/business suddenly becomes magnified. A simple internet browsing turns into a "what's wrong with me" emotional crisis.

I have been wanting to do a post about dealing with internet jealousy for a long time. Then this morning on Twitter I see that @SisterDiane has a great discussion about dealing with internet jealousy over at Google+. Join in on the discussion here! I hopped on over to the discussion and it was refreshing to see so many bloggers feel the same way. It's so easy to think it's just you!

As a blogger who writes about my business, it is very tricky to post about the down and dirty realities of running your own business as an artist. As with any business there are the highs and the accomplishments, but there are also times filled with worry, heartbreak and self doubt. This year has not been pretty for me. I've have a few business deals fall through, things I had high hopes for but for whatever reason they didn't work out. There have been many tears shed and rethinking of my work and my life. I hesitate to post about it here on my blog because I don't want to appear as though I am whining about things that haven't worked out, and for the fear that it would make me look undesirable to future clients. It's a very tricky balance to share the ups and downs of business and maintain a professional blog and I think most bloggers prefer to show the shiny side of their business and life.

So what to do when blog envy rears it's ugly head? Don't miss this post over at Helen Jane where she has a little guide to help you heal from the pain of blog comparison.

#3 in her list "Everyone is having a hard time of it" is especially true. I think about this when Blog Envy starts bubbling up. Remember what you are seeing on blogs is a filtered view of someone's life. They share the success, the beautiful photos, the great decor in their homes. Meanwhile they are like the rest of us with junk drawers, messy closets, life, business and family issues.

They've got a great discussion over on Google+ so check it out there and I'd love to hear your thoughts on blog envy and how you cope/deal or avoid it!

Thank you for this! I've been so intimidated by all these other blogs - including yours - that I haven't even been doing mine. You're fabulous and you just gave me the right boost to get over it.
thank you for this beautiful post on a topic that is probably very really in many of our lives but most of us are hiding in the closet hoping that no one will notice our insecurities. I applaud you for being real! have a wonderful day! ciao!
I've followed you for quite a while now ... since before you moved out of Florida. You've been on the Martha Stewart show, and, if you ask me, you can't do a whole lot better than that. One of these days I'll sign up for one of your on line courses. In the meantime, I enjoy visiting your blog and hearing via facebook and twitter about Mabel, the cat. Don't change a thing! Your fans love you just the way your are, Claudine!
Thanks for sharing. I totally suffer from this but instead of comparing myself to all those people who seem to be living a more magnificent, artful, successful life I'm shifting my focus to trying to emulate them instead--artists and bloggers, like you, who have inspired me for years. Thank you for being honest and helping us (again) along our way. You are a terrific, positive force! :)
Thanks Claudine! This post is very timely for me at the moment. Wishing all the best and continued successes. You are always an inspiration to me, watching you grow your artist business over the years.
Such a good topic! I think back to that conversation we had about the best opportunities being the ones that happen organically, the ones we try to manipulate the least, and about having the patience to allow them to happen. I take comfort in knowing that I am not the only one who wonders, has doubts, and feels envy about where I am and where I am going. I think those things makes us push ourselves and strive harder, so maybe they aren't all bad. Of course, there is the trick, striving for more without pushing too hard and learning to allow somethings to just magically happen.
I LOVE that you have posted about this, I think we all do it, even when we see eachother face to face, it's a vicious cycle.
I am so glad that you as a pro are admitting to this issue.
May we all pull through and support eachother and realize that NOONE is perfect!
Your career has been such an amazing success! You need to pat yourself on the back about that.

I think you're right that there is a fine line in the blogging world but it's also good to post some of the negatives about your life and business - with the size of your audience you can show that life is not always all milk and honey.

If one plan goes awry another will follow that even better.
Thanks for the great post! I'm glad you wrote about this :)
I love this post! whenever it gets to me, I always remember a quote I read somewhere which said " don't judge your failures against everyone else's successes". definitely puts it all into focus :)
Wow. Your post is so honest and heartfelt. I love you and your work even more now! I am 61 years old and just started a blog three years ago. One thing is for certain we all try to put our best face forward. Let's face it "happiness" sells. My years of experience will tell you that you cannot be great if you are always great. You have to have lows to look up and find new creative moments. I feel so privileged to have met you and taken one of your classes. I am sure you will prosper and find new ways to express your wonderful talent.


Nancy Ward
What a great post. Thanks for your honesty. I don't have a blog, I'm a fairly new follower of scrapbook and mixed media blogs. But, the subject still affects me. I'm so blessed with the love of a wonderful husband, a great son and we have good jobs but, I still envy others who seem to have it more together. Maybe they are also like blogs, we only see the shiny parts.
Love your candidness! I often wonder how so many can do it all. It inspires me, but also leaves me exhausted. I've always thought you to be super woman, glad you are! Love this post!
Be as real as you feel like being Claudine (though you owe us nothing more personal than you want to share). That makes you even MORE appealing to me. No worries. And your work? Speaks for itself. Brilliance is brilliance!
Well I cannot even begin to tell you how much I needed to hear THIS today! Thank you Claudine-for your heartfelt honesty. I think we should all hit the bloggo-sphere one day and air out all our dirty laundry-"a blogger's laundry day",if you will-- and we hang it all out there to dry-and link to one another, so we KNOW we are not alone. I, too, write about my process as an artist & things that inspire me, etc, but I rarely ever write about the downsides for the same reasons you mentioned. But that is just the best feeling to know, in fact we are not alone. Well done Claudine!
thanks all!! it's def a good topic to talk about! I know it effects us all.

April - i love your idea of a "laundry day" for bloggers! that is brilliant!
What a great post... The past few months I've been right there with ya, Sista! This road is a tough one... I've pretty much cut down my blog reading lately because of this very same thing- it's hard not to get discouraged when it appears that everything is working out just peachy for everybody else! So thank you for being one of the most honest, hard working, talented ladies I "know." :)
I recently read a post about the same thing on facebook!!! I think if we are confident we are doing what God wants us to do, using the gifts and talents we have,the resources we have, we will be more confident. We CAN'T do it all, and let's face it, if we compare ourselves to others, we'll probably come up short!!! Or go the other way, being proud, which is even worse! Patsy from
HeARTworks and

I would love to know whose blog you envy.Yoursnis so good
I thought it would be hard to envy.
I love your work and I have your book. Kind regards Janet Keen Rotorua,New Zealand
Love that you always keep it real Claudine!!!!!!! I think it's great to remember often times our posts and those we read are thought out, constructed and photographed to be appealing much like an article - while I wish each day was filled with magical artistic moments every second, it is important to treasure those moments that are.
Oh Claudine,

Thanks for this...I needed to hear it too !! I have to admit I have envied the beautiful posts and seemingly perfect lives that others lead, yours seemed to be among them ( you are so talented !) It's been a hard year for me as well in dealing with business disappointments, deals falling through...many tears cried and a rally to push onward, doing what I know I'm meant to do.

It feels so much better knowing that I am not the only one feeling this way and keeping it 'real' so I don't always have to sound like a 'Pollyanna' :)) xoxo, Paulette
thanks all!! it's so good to chat about this! it's something we all face. Don't even get me started how I feel when surfing Pinterest or Etsy! It's good to know our "feel bad" triggers and try to avoid them. but also use them as a guide for what may be missing in our blogs or businesses that we want to work on. I really enjoyed Helen Jane's blog post which I mention above as a tool for using our feelings to find what it is we areally are wanting in our biz! And it's good for all of us bloggers to keep it real now and then and not only show the great accomplishments but also the things we tried, didn't work and what we learned from it!
It's exciting to be able to put words to some of these weird FEELINGS that the internet can cause.

More creativity all around!

Thanks so much for the link.

This is an excellent post - I can so relate! The best thing I do when I'm feeling all those yucky feelings is focus on how incredibly blessed I am and do what I do to the best of my ability. Sometimes it's best to step away from the blogs - it's good to keep up on the amazing things people are doing but sometimes enough is enough.
Also I'm glad I'm not a young mom today! I think I'd have to look great, cook fabulous meals, do amazing crafts for my home and family, and run a business, all while being incredibly organized and recording my daily life in scrapbooks. Ha! Too much pressure! Pinterest and blogs can be inspirational but also make people feel awfully inadequate.
I view many people as if they have "made it" including you! It is reassuring to remember that everyone is at different levels of growth too.
THANK you for this post!!!! I've been there recently - and I so needed to know that someone who has "made it" and is VERY good at what she does also has moments of discouragement! Thanks so much!!!
I often worry about this... mostly when I am in bed drifting off to sleep it hits me. And it is really upsetting and can completely put me off track, thinking I am not a good enough person and I should try harder to be me {or what I think me should be}. It is such a pity we are programed like this as there is so much we can get out of each others blogs etc... support, friendship, encouragement, inspiration... anyway thanks Claudine, I was going to say it makes it easier to know I am not alone... but in some ways I think in knowing this it just makes it sadder?
Excellent post and very timely for me. I feel I end of whining when friends are not "working" and have all day to create art and blog. I want to kick myself in the butt and say let it go woman - you are OK and cool and I love my art. Love you - you are one of my mentors. I am lucky I've been able to take classes with you and have a great acquaintanceship which is a positive!! I call you my friend. Hugs, Marlynn
Love this post Claudine. Thank you xx
I love your blog!
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