how to glue papers with gel medium
Here's a quickie tutorial on how to glue collage papers. The process is simple and with practice, you'll never have to worry about air bubbles again!

I often get asked how to glue papers with gel medium and not get bubbles. There is a little trick to it and I'll show you my technique! Using gel medium to glue your layouts or artwork is a great way to protect your work, you'll create a smooth, waterproof and archival surface which will stand the test of time.

First let's talk about what gel medium is. Gel medium is essentially acrylic paint without the pigment, so it dries clear. It is used to seal surfaces as a type of varnish, you can mix it with your acrylic paint to make the paint into glazes. And because it is archival and non-yellowing many people like to use it as their glue.I have used gel medium as my glue for 22 years and I can't even think about using anything else!

Many different companies make gel medium and some are thicker or thinner than others, some come in a matte finish, semi-gloss or gloss etc.

I got to create my own DREAM gel medium with Ranger that has all the elements needed to make it perfect for mixed media use! I'll be using my Multi-Medium in Matte from the Claudine Hellmuth Studio product line for this demo.

Here are the supplies you'll need:

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Thanks! I hope people from the BPC class watch.
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