happy mother's day!
It was one year ago this weekend that we adopted our doggie Maggie and she quickly took over our hearts. She came all the way from TN to DC from on Mother's Day weekend

Just minutes after Maggie came off the transport, we're in the back seat of the car ready to head to her new home with us! Read Maggie's adoption story here!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!! Even mommies of 4-legged furry children count! :)


wow is it really a year!!!
we have a new furbabynow too - life is defo chaotic now LOL

Julie xx
Wow, I can't believe it's been a year already! Time sure flies! Maggie sure is one lucky dog!
Aweee, super cute! I agree, all moms deserve a day :) Have a great weekend!
Hey Claudine! Your "baby" Maggie is beautiful! She looks like she loves you as much as you love her! :) You know what they say...after a while, owners start to look like their pets. Can Maggie flash a big beautiful smile like yours? Happy Mother's Day!
<3 Candy
Hi Claudine! Happy Mother's Day! I know Maggie and Mabel and all of the Furbabies that you've cared for will attest that you're the best Mommy in the World! Hugs to you for all you do! XOXOX
Your photo shows a dog that is blessed out with her new mama. Aren't dogs the best? We are thinking about getting another one. We lost one of our Pyrenees in 2002 while house hunting- she was in the kennel and had bloat- and the other we had euthanized 2 days after my father's funeral in April 2007. We had been worried about when was the "right" time to put her down as she was losing control of her back quarters- never incontinent but she just couldn't walk and stairs were getting to be too difficult. When we came back from the funeral she fell down the stairs and it was too much. The vet is our neighbor so I ran to his house and caught him unpacking groceries. He came to the house and on one bright, sunny warm day in April she laid down and was put down. It really was the best it could have been considering. I had feared wrestling the 110 pound dog into the car and avoiding that nightmare was worth anything to me.

It has taken 4 years for me to even consider getting another dog- that and the fact that my 5 year old doesn't remember Shelby and is sort of scared of dogs. Funny because that dog used to bounce him around and he thought nothing of it.

Just today my husband told me the local Pyrenees rescue approved us for a dog and they have 2 puppies. … decisions, decisions…..

Happy Mothers day to you, the momma of Maggie!
Awwww, that's a great picture! Maggie looks like she already knew she was home. True Love!
Happy Mother's day!
OMG Maggie is smiling! What a sweet photo.
Congrats to you and Maggie! This is the sweetest photo ever. She looks so thrilled to be hugged and loved. Just darling.
Looks like true love to me!
You both look so happy. Great photo.
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