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If you had bare walls in your home, what would you do them? Well Charlie Kratzer decided to take $10 worth of Sharpies and go to town creating an amazing basement mural.

Here’s a little preview:

And then go to this link for a complete 360 view.  it is absolutely amazing!

It just goes to show you don’t need expensive materials to create something beautiful!

I love the look of simple line drawing with touches of limited color.  I have been playing around with it in my illustrations now and then. Here's an illustration inspired by Charlie Kratzer's beautiful use of line in his basement drawing.


This illustration features our very hefty cat Mabel!


That's really awesome - they do this stuff on cars, too! There's a Sharpie Lamborghini working the car show circuit, somewhere.
That is such a cool idea. Love it! It really creates dimension in the space but is so playful. It was great meeting you Friday!
Super interesting! Wish i was brave enough to do it on my wall!
Patsy from
What a great idea! It gives the room a hole other atmosphere. A very nice personal touch!
This is very inspiring! What a great idea, I love it. I bet sharpie is loving it too :D

He should go to Doodler's Anonymous, I bet he would have a blast there! I'm a member, they have line drawings galore...

This is the best, I would love this on a card to send to my long distance girlfriends!
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