illustration friday: sneaky
Happy Friday! Here's my illustration friday entry for this week! I used this weeks' theme of "sneaky" as a chance to experiment with another piece for my dollhouse project!


For this illustration I wanted to illustrate "sneaky" but also do it in a sequence of images. This is another step as I practice my way to working up the nerve and stamina to do a whole graphic novel (or more like graphic "booklet") about my character. I haven't worked with squencing images since I was a sophomore in college in illustration class so it was fun to play around with thinking of images in this way.

The last few of my dollhouse illustrations I have used my own face (with retro hair added!). I decided that if I want Betty to have a range of expressions I am going to need to take my own photos and my face happens to be handy and with me all the time. It seems to be working out.

have a great weekend everyone!! 

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oh how cool Claudine....your face with retro hair....brilliant!!! and great photos in your doll house!!!!
you are one talented crazy lady !!!!
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Huh, that's pretty cool how you put that together! Well done with the interesting panel layouts. :)
Nice collage and I would love to see a graphic booklet done by you!
So clever. Love the little Tiffany box!
Wait til Becky see's she has a Tiffany box - lucky girl :)
whoops, meant to write Betty - must be thinking of my SIL
I love how this works, you are so amazing.
Love your work~ you are so fun-hearted!
That's an amazing concept, I love it!
great style! and the concept is sweet and brilliant!
Your Dollhouse Illustrations are wonderful. Creative and most attractive.
That's so great - and so different! Very inspiring.
So creative! What does it mean in the scene where he is on the phone?? I'm curious. ;)
Great work! Excellent!
Maybe I'm the only idiot, but I don't get it - how is he being sneaky?
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