our suitcases are packed!
Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, Paul and I will be loading up the car along with Maggie doggie for a 14-something hour drive to Orlando FL. Our friend will be here holding down the fort and taking care of the kitties so we won't have to worry about Stan and Mabel!


We'll be spending our trip visiting family and catching up, I haven't been down to Orlando and seen everyone since January. WAY too long!

I'll be updating via Twitter as we travel and while we're away and I'll be back in the studio on Sept 13th! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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Have fun, and enjoy yourselves :))
have a very safe and awesome trip - come on down the weather has been awesome - perhaps too warm but truly beautiful----take care~!~
Oh that is a long way to travel, I hope it is not to tiring for you. Have fun, safe journey.
Oh, you have done it- again! LOVE the way you´ve posed the woman with her bag, OH-Oh-oooh- how fun!!!
Have fun! I have to say I LOVE this image and what you are doing with the dollhouse; what a GREAT idea! There's endless things you can do! I was thinking that my daughter will be wanting a dollhouse in a few years and wouldn't it be neat if you made paper dolls with changeable outfits and accessories and such to go along with it? I was thinking about a big flat/vinyl type cloth that you lay out on the floor and there's artwork of a dollhouse/different rooms on it and the paper doll(s) could be moved about. Had to share with you, since it seems like an idea that would work in your special style. I'd buy a bunch! :) I had seen this post on a different blog and it sort of inspired my thinking in terms of dollhouse/paper dolls:
Have a great trip and enjoy your family--it's always good to take a break and get refreshed.

The woman at the door looks great! You're work is so inspiring.........


I passed an award on to you...go see it on my blog !! Hope you're having a great time in FL.
Love what you are doing with the dollhouse!
How cute, what a great way to display you are going on a trip! Dollhouse idea seems to be a success. Congrats! Your dog looks like a really good helper.
Craftastrophe, BPS student
Claudine - this is so much cuter than what I imagined after talking about it, LOVE it! THANKS for a great workshop!
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