new dollhouse project
I've had an idea that had been on the back burner for almost 2 years and finally I am acting on it. The idea is to create a dollhouse environment combining my little drawings along with miniatures, then photograph the scenes to develop a picture storybook. And if all goes as planned some stop motion animation too!

I have no idea how this will turn out but I am excited to have a project that will be purely experimental and just for me.

I searched for dollhouses on Craigslist hoping to find a used one. But there wasn't anything that fit what I had in mind. I'm still on the lookout for old dollhouse furniture that is 1/12 scale, so if you have some you don't want let me know!

After much searching I decided on this house from HomeDepot:

My dollhouse arrived today!

It said it on the package that it was easy to put together but I needed help... Maggie decided she would lend a paw!

Maggie dog helping with the dollhouse

Here it is all together!

Dollhouse is all put together!

and here's the inside:

Interior of dollhouse

I would like to figure out how to install electric so that I can add little lights. First I need to figure out how involved that is. But I'm ready to give a shot!

Working on putting the house together brought back many happy dollhouse memories and crafty projects of making miniature things. I forgot how much I love miniatures!

I remember my Barbie Dream House that I got when I was about 6. My Dad put it together which took hours and hours. I was so excited! I created my own fireplace for that house using a Jello box and covering it in tiny pebbles ( it was 1980 - stone fireplaces were all the rage). That Barbie Dream House inspired a lot of crafts!

About the same time we had a neighbor who had an old dollhouse that she wanted refurbished. My mom volunteered me and I worked away wallpapering, redoing the floors and having a blast!

Here's to my new project and for exploring creative ideas just for fun!

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oh what a fun idea!!! this will be wonderful Claudine!!!
Do you have an A C Moore craft storen near you... They have lots of doll house furniture and accessories.
Michales Crafts is another good store...
fabulous fun idea. Ask Debbie about the wiring...she wired that whole Halloween house for a Ranger project once, remember.?
Sounds great and your spirits sound lifted!
what a great idea..look forward to seeing your project...good luck..
This is a great idea! Good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with! :)
That is such an excellent idea, I am playing with animation at the moment. So time consuming but fun to experiment. Look forward to seeing the updates.
such fun, love dolls houses, and absolutely remember mine from when I was little...:))My ex built one for my daughter which is languishing unloved in the loft :((
Have fun doing your project and will look forward to it when it is finished
Claudine! this is so awesome. this is going to be so much fun... you've got my brain going again with story lines i used to play. haha. im excited to see the evolution of this idea.
what an awesome idea, and I'm sure it will fly as everything you touch turns to gold..ehhehe!! I mean that in a good way my dear friend. Just look at that precious baby laying on the dollhouse!!! (((hugs)))
Ah, my heart just melted when i saw the completed doll house ... memories of my barbie dream house and all the cardboard furniture I created for it.
great idea! i think the cats will love this little house, too.
=^ . ^=
I love dollhouses! A dollhouse for your work sounds perfect. What a great project--I hope you share lots of photos of the process here on your blog.
Can't wait to see more! I remember the Christmas my sister and I each got a Barbie Dream house as well as a couple of other Barbie things(maybe a salon and store or something - I can't really remember)and Daddy had to put all 4 together on Christmas morning! I guess that what happens when you are the father of daughters...
put a fake chimney on the side, run your wires in it.
Congrats on your new little house! I have that same Quickbuild, but in pink and I love it. I ended up wiring it for electric using tapewire I bought at the dollhouse store. I've seen it online also. I also bought the porch addition-- I think it's one of my favorite parts of the house. Who doesn't love a fun porch?! I'm looking forward to seeing your house as you work your magic-- please keep us updated! Have fun!
I love your dollhouse idea. I can't wait to see what you do. Here's a great site that may give you some ideas:
can't wait to see the outcome. maggie is just the best.
I've never heard of that brand of dollhouse but what fun! (but where is the bathroom - it's bothering me!)

Hope you enjoy this fun project
What a FUN project. Hope you share the progress with the inside as well. Love the photo of your fury helper!
Hi Claudine,

I have made several doll houses and wiring is not that difficult. There are different types of wiring, so just get informed. If you go to any miniature shop (or call) they will guide you through the process.

By the way--I love your work!!! I am a long time lay artist of sorts and wanted to start working on some art journaling and such, when I saw your demo on YouTube. Your work is colorful and playful and is exactly the kind of inspiration I was looking for.

I will be purchasing your products and especially your paints--they look so, so, so yummy!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

How cool. I used to create collectable miniatures and doll house accessories when my daughters were young. I packed it all up about 27 years ago and just got a regular job. (not very creative, but the job paid a lot more) I packed up boxes and boxes of beautiful handmade furniture, and all kinds of accessories. Thinking of those miniatures stored away I purchased a nice dollhouse kit a few years ago-- but have not done anything with it yet. It is really a fun thing to do and there are still miniature shows around that some of the most talented and fasinating people attend and exhibit at.

For the lighting it is best to do it before you start covering the ceiling and walls, but there are ways around it. I think you could probably google and get some good info.

Right now I am obsessed with paper art and all the different medias that go with it. It is hard to do both (smile).
Oh what Fun! I never had a doll house. This will be exciting to see this all come together
I found this book about lighting a dollhouse on might be worth a shot!
Great idea Claudine! :)
Dear Claudine!

I´m so glad to see that you share the same enthusiasm as I do for dollhouses- I was also thinking to make my own now- even though I´m 48...

IF they sell your beautiful house on internet- PLEASE share their adress- In Sweden they are sooooooooo ugly:-(

Hoping you have time to respond to this request,

THANK´s in any way,
I may be just as much help as Maggie:
• Dollhouse store in Leesburg, VA (
• Dollhouse furniture site with sales (
• Dollhouse site with newsletter tutorials (
I am loving the project and the pictures. Super duper cute! Wish you lived closer I have the mother load of vintage plastic doll house furniture that I use for jewelry, I'd loan you a bunch. I even have wee little toilets.
Wow, this is exciting, maybe now I can have a dollhouse!!! I will check back and see how you made out with the electrical!!!
Margaret B
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