illustration friday: atmosphere
I wanted to work on my dollhouse project idea and blend that with Illustration Friday so here's my submission for this weeks illustration friday theme of "atmosphere"

I created two versions, first in color.....


Then in black and white...


the "atmosphere" of a piece really changes when you convert it to black and white :)

This is my first test of photographing my drawings in the Dollhouse along with 3-d elements. I am excited about it for a first try. I managed to light the fridge up using these lights. They are battery operated and you just twist the end and they light up. Twist the other way and they turn off. I want to try making a little lamp base + shade around this light. In any case it worked great for this picture and the cool lighting it gives off feels very much like fridge light.

I do need to get a better camera. this one is a Kodak 12 megapixel, I notice it's grainy when I zoom in on the image. Any suggestions for a camera? For my purposes a point and shoot would be preferred but with an image I could enlarge up to 11x14 or 16x20 if possible.

Happy Friday!

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That is so awesome, Claudine! Oh my gosh-I love it! Can't wait to see more!
absolutely wondermusly clever! ;)
Super cute!
Claudine -

First of all, your little scene is SO adorable! I love the colors and the fridge light is awesome!

I am by no means a great photographer, but I have recently come to love my Macro option on my camera for up close shots. If you are taking a picture from about 12-18" from the subject then the macro will allow it to focus well up close.

I do love my camera, especially when natural light is available. I have a Canon PowerShot A590IS. I had a Canon PowerShot for a few years before this one and I loved it also. I don't think you can go wrong with a Canon. (The PowerShots are usually in the $100-150 range.)

Mine is only 8 megapixel - I don't think that is the problem with your camera. Try to find the Macro setting and see how it works for you.
I really love it - I think it looks wonderful---great idea~~~
that's so cool! you are really so creative :)
this makes my heart sing! i love it! it looks like she was going to get something but then someone called her. ;o)
I can't wait for the next scene. I use a mid-priced Canon SX10iS camera (sounds so fancy but quite easy to use). I am a big fan of the Macro function too, even check if your Kodak has one instead of buying a new one. great for close-up shots.
Claudine, this is really cool. Nice idea and execution!
What a cute & creative idea. I'm from Texas where it is hot, hot right now - so I imagine her to say "iced tea, everyone?"
This is so cool! I think it's a very successful first attempt at 3D illustration. Congrats!
So retro and cute - I love it!
Love it, love it, love it! Wow this is so cool.

As far as cameras go, I do agree you might already have the macro function. As a matter of fact I'd be surprised if you don't. However if you are in the market for a new one and want one that mixes the best of a point and shoot with wonderful pro type options but isn't a BIG DSLR I'll recommend the Canon G11. I love mine. It can take pictures in the automatic mode, it has an option for low light and can shoot in Camera RAW which is an option to get an unprocessed image.
I love this idea! The dollhouse is adorable and lends great to charming illustration. Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I am certainly a fan of your work.
make sure your settings are for "fine" also - this allows you to blow pics up w/o the pixeling.
Claudine, I love what you're doing with your new dollhouse. And I love my Canon PowerShot wtih 10X zoom and macro.

this is sooooo cute!!!
Oh, I love your entry for this week's IF :) I was struggling to think of how to draw this topic all day today and then finally I had an inspiration when I started thinking about what to cook for tonight's dinner, not sure how that worked out but somehow it did :)
Turn on your macro setting on your camera for closeups. The macro icon is usually a tulip or flower. It will flash on the screen "macro on". It really helps for close ups. Love your dollhouse!
very delightful! I just read that a major museum is having a show that is a nod to women and kitchens :)
That is fantastic!!! I love it!!
This is amazing. How did you get the steam coming from the coffee cup? So detailed - the light in the fridge puts it over the top!
Claudine, this is awesome! I love the whole feel of it. From the way the woman has her head turned to the fridge light, to the retro furniture and decorations! Glad to see you caught up in your element!

love, love, love this idea!!!
I love this, the retro feel is very cool and the blue light coming from the refrigerator is perfect.
wow! that is actually so neat!! :)
Love the doll house idea and photos - have you ever read any children's books by Dare Wright? her most famous book is The Lonely Doll. she photographed dolls and stuffed animals in natural settings, in black and white. Enjoy!
claudine - your piece is fabulous and the dollhouse project sounds really awesome. good luck with it and thanks so much for your comment on my cat illo!
hey claudine, very Jackie Onassis in the fridge? I like the conecpt - can see great things growing from this

as well as macro, can you set the f stop? A small f stop eg f16 in old terms for an old fashioned lens will hide a multitude of optical sins.

try unnder exposing image - this will drop the fstop down - then take a normal exposure and try combining the two in photoshop using screen paramter on the top layer (the proper exposure layer) could work???????
Love it - fun!!!
Hey Claudine! You should be excited about this.... It is amazing!!! Love both versions. It has a wonderful retro 3D look to it. Fantastic work!!
Too cool! I love it :)
How cute is this! I love it!
Your work is quite fantastic.
oh my gosh this is so cute!
I think you got it! The 2D and the 3D look good together, I like the little touch of the steam. Just heard you on the EFII podcast the other day. I was great to hear your story. Thanks!
wow this is adorable! love love love it! My point and shot I keep in my purse at all times its awesome a Sony Cybershot ♥
12 megapixels is pretty heafty. Your graininess could be from lighting (not enough)
I love it, it's so cute! Congrats!
FABULOUS! Love the color photo so much more than the B&W. You're right about it changing the atmosphere. The concept is really cool. Love to see more of this style!
These illustrations are lovely - I like the 3D/2D combination. I hope you do more of this, I think it really suits your illustration style. Oh... and thanks or the 'Illustration Friday' shout out... I was even inspired (rather spontaneously) to have a crack at this weeks topic. Keep up the great work Scott
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