family time!
My Mom's coming up to DC today, She'll be here for a whole week! hooray! We are really excited!


I'll be offline enjoying a little vacation time with her and showing her the DC sights. See you next week!
It is no wonder why you are so beautiful! Your mom is absolutely gorgeous and you definitely inherited her awesome smile!

Have a great fun vacation with your mom!
Enjoy your mamma! I know you will. :)
Dearest Caludine, i hope you are enjoying your vacation time with your lovely mama! Your work is amazing and i truely adore your custom artwork lots! So happy i was introduce to you By sweet Kelly in flying e-course! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!
OMG--you two look EXACTLY alike! So sweet & gorgeous.

Have fun hanging out with her!
U and mom are as gorgeous as supermodels....change careers !!!
C U next week !!!
Wow, no question as to where you got your beautiful smile and good looks!

Enjoy your time with your mom!

Jane - Jacksonville
dh and I went with our son on week-long field trip to DC a couple yrs ago. What a fantastic place. Don't forget to show your mom the Darth Vader gargoyle!
Craftastrophe, BPS
Holy Cow Claudine, do you and your Mom ever look alike! Such pretty girls you are. Enjoy the time together and try to stay out of trouble!
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