Maggie's journey to us!
Maggie arrived all the way from A Place to Bark in TN on Friday night. Here's a little post about her adventure and first days with us. She is such a joy!

Maggie packing up her rocks and a bittersweet good bye message from Bernie

On Thursday night Maggie was dropped off with the
PETS LLC rescue transport service! These guys are amazing! And they will be on a show on Animal Planet starting June 19th called Last Chance Highway.

On Friday night at 10:30pm we were at the designated pickup spot about 2 hours from DC, in Edinburg VA. We were so excited!

Here comes the truck!

Lots of doggies inside all on their way to new homes and a second chance at life!

Just minutes after Maggie came off the transport, we're in the back seat of the car ready to head home! So happy to have Maggie here!!

Mabel cat liked Maggie immediately and wanted to wash her ears. Not sure what Maggie thought of that! Stanley cat is still being cautious but each day grows more confident. It's only a matter of time until he feels comfortable with Maggie too!

On Saturday we took Maggie to Meridian Hill Park. Then we went to PetCo and bought a crazy amount of stuff for her. Never having had a girl doggie before, I wanted everything in pink and Paul being the sweet husband that he is doesn't mind walking a dog wearing pink everything.

Paul + Maggie at our friend Kim's house

After PetCo we stopped by our friend Kim's place. Here's Maggie and Paul hanging out on the couch. Maggie is wearing her new harness which looks kinda like a sports bra. We just call it her bra now. I do love this harness, nice and soft and sturdy. Wish they made it in more patterns for the big dogs too. The small doggie harness's have so many cute patterns.

Maggie laughing all dressed in pink!

Maggie laughing with me in the back seat. We're on our way with Kim to Old Town Alexandria to get some ice cream! She says that sounds yummy!

Maggie enjoying the view on our porch
Maggie enjoying the view from our porch

And on Sunday we took Maggie to a park in Adam's Morgan so she could play with one of her rocks that came with her from TN

Maggie has already stolen our hearts, we're in love with her and she fits in so well with our little family. Thank you to my best friend Bernie who runs A Place to Bark by herself. Last year she saved 600 lives and without her Maggie wouldn't be here with us! We thank Bernie for all the precious lives that she saves!!


I love it :)
What a stitch with the rocks!
I'm so happy to hear that our friend Bernie has given another wonderful dog a place to bark and call her own home with you and Paul. I KNOW she will be loved to death by you both, and loved the pics of her with Mabel.

We have 2 black labs, and it's so funny because our cat Ginger definitely rules the roost. She doesn't move an inch when the dogs run in from outside and will even swat them if they dare to encroach on her personal space :)

much love to you and maggie,
the video from Bernie made me cry - You all truly received a blessing and Maggie truly received a home filled with Love~!~
I had no idea this service even existed! How wonderful for you and Maggie! I have really loved hearing about this and seeing her fit in so well with you guys! YAY!
Aww bles her, she looks so happy with you guys :D
Congrats on your new furbaby :D
Julie xx
So happy for you and the new furry addition to your family! Each picture of Maggie is cuter than the next and she looks soooooo happy (she literally looks like she's smiling in every picture!)

I can understand Bernie's heartbreak/joy in sending her to her forever home...what a wonderful woman she is! But as she said, Maggie is in a great home now, and that opens up a space for another wonderful recue.

so happy for all of you to have found Maggie! congrats on your new four-legged family addition.

Hugs from Vancouver BC
How sweet! She looks like a perfect fit for you. You can tell she is very happy. I can't believe she plays with rocks. Crazy!
OMG!! It brought a happy tear to my eye looking at the photos! She .. and you and Paul ... look so happy together ... Maggie knows she's got life made now!! How sweet ... and now you have to travel and leave her for a few days.
I love happy endings...
I couldn't be happier for you! As I type this my Magnus is chewing the string off my coat...but who cares! We are Puppy Mommas again!
Dog Bra!!! I love it!! She looks so happy to be with you guys!!
Sounds like Maggie has the perfect home! I love her rocks! Mabel Cat & Stanley are a stitch too!
so happy for you guys and Maggie! She looks so happy and relieved to be in your arms in the backseat of the car!! That made me misty eyed!
She has a very sweet face ~ I can tell she is a real sweetheart! What a blessing for all of you!
Thanks for the update Claudine. Bernie's video made me cry too... Bernie you are an angel ♥ Looks like Maggie has fitted in perfectly with you all.... look forward to seeing her progress ♥
Looks like Maggie found her forever home. She looks so happy, and so do you and Paul. I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to hear more Maggie adventures, as they unfold.

And I LOVE her bra. :) happy for the happy ending! "Dog bra" is hiliarous as is her love of rocks. She looks positively happy & at home with you guys. Enjoy your new addition!!
Oh my what a great story. She is so sweet! I love that she collects rocks...very cute. She looks so happy with you and I think she knows how loved she is.
Claudine, I looks like you have been Blessed as much as Maggie!!
Claudine, i'm nearly in tears. I love Maggie already, too!!
How lucky Maggie is! You can see how happy she is with you and your family! God Bless people like you Claudine that provide homes for these orphans! I was a part of the rescue program on the other side recently..we took in an abandoned prego cat and when the kitties came our local rescue Underdog helped find wonderful homes for them. Wishing you many happy years with Maggie.
Also just want to mention how happy I am to be page neighbors with you in the Craft Corp book.
Ohhhhh...the picture of you and Maggie in the back seat is priceless. The joy and contentment on her face speaks a thousand sweet words!
Thanks for sharing all this -she is one lucky dog or maybe it is you that is the lucky one. She is wonderful!!! Our stray cats have all been the best!
Claudine sitting here with a tissue wiping away the tears of joy for you and Paul.... dogs do have expressions, love Maggie's smile. Ciao
Oh what a sweet girl Maggie is!!! Congratulations my dear "veggie" friend!
O.M.G. This is an amazing story. I am still crying from Bernie's video. Such a big heart.

And the number of dogs in that truck! What an awesome thing they do to transport all those dogs to their new homes.

I am so happy for all of you! She looks so happy (and so do you!)
oh claudine! the videos and pictures made me cry, but the good kind of cry. i'm so happy for you and paul that you have maggie. she is such a cutie. wishing you all so much joy with your new fur-baby!
Bernie does an amazing job with those animals. I've seen a few different videos with her and what all she does to save all of these lovely dogs. I had a rescue dog (Sadie) for 13 years---she was a year old when I got her. At 14 years old, she passed away in April 2009. I still think about that dog every single day---even though I've taken another rescue dog in since then (Abbey). And not to take anything away from Abbey, as I love that dog, but Sadie was one in a million.

Thanks for following me on Twitter---I'm the girl behind Abbey Studios. Give Maggie a hug from me :) She seems like such a wonderful dog!
The picture of you and Maggie in the backseat of the car is so heartwarming. That dog clearly is at peace with the world. She looks like she too feels joy at being a member of your family and after a long trip to your house she is safe, secure, and deeply in love. Congratulations on your new baby.
Thanks so much for sharing this story. I belong to an animal welfare organization in Mexico city. Here we have a real big problem with stray dogs there are millions of them. We rescue and give them in adoption and seeing that big truck with the kennels and the traveling doggies to their new homes gives me hope that some day in Mexico we could do something like that too. Maggie looks adorable. Hooray for A place to Bark :D
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