interview with Stacy Julian
Stacy Julian, of Big Picture Scrapbooking and I had a virtual chat about my online class this summer via Skype!

To learn more about my 12 week online Summer class, click here! Class starts July 1st!


creative living with jaime
A couple weeks ago I spoke with Jamie Ridler on her Creative Living podcast. If you haven't listened to her podcast you should check it out. It's on my list of podcasts that I look forward to every week!

If you'd like to listen to my interview with Jamie, click here!

I've been busy here in the studio getting things ready for the CHA summer show and also for my 12 week summer online class!


back home!
I'm back from Arizona! I had a great time at the Creative Escape practice weekend. It was a treat to take all of the other instructors classes and get to test drive mine as well. Now we're all really excited for the real event in August!

After the practice event I went to Mystic Paper in Mesa AZ and taught a one day collage workshop there. Thank you Jennifer at Mystic Paper for hosting me and thank you to everyone to who came out to take the class!

I got home last night and a big mountain of work is waiting for me, but before I dove into the work pile, I took Maggie to the doggie park! Here's a photo of her with her new favorite toy - not a rock ... but a tennis ball!

Maggie @ the 17th  St. Doggie Park


Phoenix here I come!
Tomorrow morning early I'll be on my way to Phoenix!

First stop is the Bazzill Paper offices where I'll be attending and teaching at the practice event for Creative Escape 2010, this is the part where we work out all the kinks so when the the 600 attendees come in August everything runs smooth as butter! I am excited to go to the Bazzill Offices and be surrounded by all that amazing paper. hmm... maybe I should have brought an extra empty suitcase ;)

After that I'll be off to Mesa AZ to teach my Collage Discovery Workshop class at Mystic Paper on Sunday. I've only got a few more workshops left for 2010. I can not believe how it the year is flying by! Make sure to check out my workshop schedule here. I'll also be teaching my summer online class - registration open now!

See you next week!!

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Saturday Evening Post
A couple months ago I created an illustration for the Saturday Evening Post. It arrived today! Here's my illustration of Charles Osgood's poem about Father's Day. The poem is about how he was honored as The Father of the Year while his wife is really doing all the work. I am sure many mothers can relate and I had a good laugh reading it!

This piece was created with his photo and photos of his wife and their children. I thought since it was such a personal piece that I would send the original artwork to him so he could have it.

I wrapped the artwork up in polka dotted paper and wrote a gushy note to Charles Osgood (and I am a HUGE fan and LOVE The Sunday Morning Show) then shipped the artwork to my art director at The Saturday Evening Post. Then they forwarded it onto him.

Hopefully he got it and fingers crossed he liked how it turned out! It was such a fun piece to create and a career goal to be in The Saturday Evening Post!

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Maggie's journey to us!
Maggie arrived all the way from A Place to Bark in TN on Friday night. Here's a little post about her adventure and first days with us. She is such a joy!

Maggie packing up her rocks and a bittersweet good bye message from Bernie

On Thursday night Maggie was dropped off with the
PETS LLC rescue transport service! These guys are amazing! And they will be on a show on Animal Planet starting June 19th called Last Chance Highway.

On Friday night at 10:30pm we were at the designated pickup spot about 2 hours from DC, in Edinburg VA. We were so excited!

Here comes the truck!

Lots of doggies inside all on their way to new homes and a second chance at life!

Just minutes after Maggie came off the transport, we're in the back seat of the car ready to head home! So happy to have Maggie here!!

Mabel cat liked Maggie immediately and wanted to wash her ears. Not sure what Maggie thought of that! Stanley cat is still being cautious but each day grows more confident. It's only a matter of time until he feels comfortable with Maggie too!

On Saturday we took Maggie to Meridian Hill Park. Then we went to PetCo and bought a crazy amount of stuff for her. Never having had a girl doggie before, I wanted everything in pink and Paul being the sweet husband that he is doesn't mind walking a dog wearing pink everything.

Paul + Maggie at our friend Kim's house

After PetCo we stopped by our friend Kim's place. Here's Maggie and Paul hanging out on the couch. Maggie is wearing her new harness which looks kinda like a sports bra. We just call it her bra now. I do love this harness, nice and soft and sturdy. Wish they made it in more patterns for the big dogs too. The small doggie harness's have so many cute patterns.

Maggie laughing all dressed in pink!

Maggie laughing with me in the back seat. We're on our way with Kim to Old Town Alexandria to get some ice cream! She says that sounds yummy!

Maggie enjoying the view on our porch
Maggie enjoying the view from our porch

And on Sunday we took Maggie to a park in Adam's Morgan so she could play with one of her rocks that came with her from TN

Maggie has already stolen our hearts, we're in love with her and she fits in so well with our little family. Thank you to my best friend Bernie who runs A Place to Bark by herself. Last year she saved 600 lives and without her Maggie wouldn't be here with us! We thank Bernie for all the precious lives that she saves!!


new online class this summer!
I have been hard at work on my online class for this summer and I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am about it! it is coming together wonderfully and is loaded with techniques and projects! I think I have worked harder on this class than I did when I wrote my books, and if you have read those you know how full of information those are!

Well you are in for a treat with this class!! If you sign up we'll be spending 12 weeks together, making art, learning techniques, creating projects -- you'll come away refreshed and loaded with new inspiration and ideas! Think of it as an arty summer camp for your creative soul!

This online class isn't just a blog with a password. It's Audio, Video, Slide Shows, Handouts, Chats, Message Boards. I will be there with you to guide you along and it will be a truly interactive experience. I can tell you that gals at Big Picture Scrapbooking REALLY know how to put a high tech online class together and you will not be disappointed!

Full details are below and to register, click here!!

This 12-week class allows you inside access into artist Claudine Hellmuth's in home studio. Claudine will provide inspiration and a lifetime's supply of mixed-media techniques to incorporate in your scrapbooking layouts, journals and mixed media projects. The techniques you learn will build on each other and culminate in artistic projects, including: art, home d├ęcor, fashion and of course scrapbooking!

Claudine has traveled the world and is now @home and online at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Join Claudine and her kitties for detailed instruction and product explanation, delivered in colorful handouts and slide presentations so that even the newest artist will feel comfortable; and if you've been working with paint for a long time, there'll be many techniques that are new to you! Come get your hands a little dirty and experiment with new products and tools. Let Claudine guide you through each new technique and you'll leave this class feeling like a pro!


  • Supply list with live links to product resources
  • Class syllabus
  • 12 weeks of instruction
  • Welcome notes from in the classroom
  • Reminder e-mails when the classroom is updated with new materials
  • Three weekly e-mails of creative inspiration, mini projects and an exclusive look inside Claudine's studio
  • Colorful instructional handouts with step-by-step instructions AND a NEW project each week!!
  • Voice messages available as streaming audio, downloadable MP3 files and transcripts
  • Weekly slide presentations with audio instruction highlighting THREE new techniques EACH WEEK that you will build on as the course progresses
  • Downloadable art to enhance your projects
  • Message board to share your thoughts with your classmates and ask Claudine questions
  • Private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates, with comments and notes from Claudine
  • Six live chats with Claudine
  • E-mail access to Claudine
  • Students will have "forever access" to the class materials, which means that class will end Sept 28th (so there will no longer be teacher interaction), but students can go back at any point in time (as long as BPS exists) and access the class materials, gallery and message board! WOW!
All for $79! That's only $6.50 per week of class. And it's yours forever to refer back to, teach from, learn from and make it yours!! Pretty good deal!


  • Is this class open to International students? - YES! That's what is so great about online classes no matter where you are you can take it!
  • Do I have to buy all Claudine Hellmuth Studio products to take the class? No you don't. You can take the class, see how they work and then decide which products you would like to buy or if you want to make the projects using items you already have at home. It is up to you!
  • Do I have to be "present" each day to take the class? no you don't! you can follow along as the class progresses, or check in periodically and download the directions, watch the videos at your leisure!
  • When does the class start? July 1st
  • How much is the class? $79 for 12 weeks of instruction! That's only $6.50 per week!
  • I can't find the supply list. here's the link to download!
  • I can't find/don't have all the supplies on the the supply list.Don't worry! You don't need to purchase everything on the supply list to take the class. I will talk about options and substitutions, many of the times you probably already have and can adjust to work. You can sign up for the class and then decide what you want or need to purchase from there. I'll work with you to make it work!
  • How long does the class stay active for those who registered? Students will have "forever access" to the class materials, which means that class will end Sept 28th (so there will no longer be teacher interaction), but students can go back at any point in time (as long as BPS exists) and access the class materials, gallery and message board! WOW!
  • I am not a scrapbooker: don't worry this class like all my other classes (and books) are heavily technique based. You'll be learning versatile techniques that you can use if you paint, collage, journal, create altered books or scrapbook and more!!
If you have any other questions that I didn't cover just post them in the comments and I will answer!

Ready to sign up?
click here to register!!

Once you register add this badge to your blog!

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Just copy this code:
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our family is growing!
We are really excited over here at the Hellmuth/Lester household, our family is growing by +1!

On Friday our new doggie Maggie will be arriving all the way from Tennesse from A Place to Bark and into our waiting arms!

It's been over a year since we helped our Toby cross over the rainbow bridge and even though our hearts will never be totally healed, there is enough room in them to fall in love with another doggie.

Bernie has taken some fun videos of Maggie and after watching them Paul and I had to have her!

What a personality!

What lessons will Maggie teach us? I am sure at least one will involve a rock!

Our kitty Stanley also came from A Place to Bark as well which is run solely by Bernie Berlin (she's also one of my closest friends). Bernie's rescue is in Tennessee so she had him transported to Atlanta where he waited a day or two for us to arrive at my friend Andra's house!

This time Maggie will be coming on a transport service (a doggie underground railroad of sorts) called PETS LLC. Follow them on Twitter @doghauler. They will pick Maggie up tomorrow night and then we'll meet them along with other new adopters in VA to collect her.

We can hardly wait! Although I think Stanley and Mabel cats will be in for a surprise!!

Thank you Bernie for the wonderful gift of life you give to these animals, without you they wouldn't be here to bring us so much joy. We thank you for our Stanley and now we thank you for Maggie too!

Get ready to be spoiled rotten Maggie!!

PS Please follow A Place to Bark on Twitter too!


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