things are looking up
Great news around here at the Hellmuth/Lester household.

Paul started work this week as an editor/writer for the Energy Empowers web site. Hooray! And we found renters for our house in Florida too.

Thanks 2010! So far so good!

2010 is looking up Claudine! Hang in there! The world is your oyster! Lows make us appreciate the highs that much more! May your highs come quickly and be Very very high!!!
Congrats to Paul! And on your renters! Must be a load off your mind.
That is great news al round! and well you deserve it! :0)
That's fabulous news, and what a cool website to be part of! Congratulations to Paul!

Great news about the house, too!
Such wonderful news - on both fronts! What a relief for both of you!!

Jane - Jacksonville
Wooo Hooo for you all! Life is coming up roses, I can tell, for you, Paul, and the kitties, and eventually a little pup! hugs,
(PS - the workshop last weekend was so much FUN! It was great seeing you again)....
Claudine, I am thrilled for you and Paul!!! This is fantastic news.

I too am very happy. I may not be painting as much right now because I'm working extra shifts. BUT it does mean I (we) qualify for health benefits!
Yay! Congratulations! :-)
I'm so happy for you and Paul. Hopefully that means you don't have to move. Wow, happy day.
Thank God. I am so glad to hear it Claudine! I hope better days are on their way in more ways than one!
So glad to hear that Claudine!
I'm glad to hear you have good news, what goes around,comes around!
Best wishes to you both.
A big congrats to you and Paul!
Big YAY! What a load off your shoulders. Good luck to Paul in his new job, and now you can breathe a sigh of relief for a while.
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