snOMG! the Blizzard of 2010!
I didn't think I'd be posting about another big DC snow storm so soon after our last one in December, but Old Man Winter managed to deliver an even bigger storm this time! We were very lucky that our power stayed on through the whole storm, some people are still waiting for power to come back.

All over the Twitter-sphere the storm was tagged as #snOMG, #snOMGasm, #Snowcalypse, #Snowmageddon .... and my favorite #kaisersnowze for all you Usual Suspects fans out there.

Here are a few photos we snapped from our camera phones of this historic snow!

Paul's snow boots

Poor Paul has no snow boots so we did the plastic baggie booties. At least they match!

Bicycle covered in snow snOMG

Snow covered bike on U Street NW

A view down T Street

A view down T Street NW

Outside seating @ Alero on U st #snOMG

Outside seating at Alero Mexican Restaurant on U Street NW

Tree on T Street

Snow covered tree on T Street NW

And Paul created a little video montage:

Then after being snowed in for two days we started tormenting the cats....

Mabel posing for Stuff on My Cat

Poor Mabel, she is so patient!


Love that cat! I finally got dug out today.
I didn't hear about the #kaisersnowze tag, that is hilarious! Love it! I loved all your tweets and twitpics! I would have had more except for our power outag.! :) And we're supposed to get 5+ more inches on Tuesday!
Wow--You guys really got snow-hammered! Stay warm and dry and drink LOTS of cocoa. And the good news is, Mabel is totally ROCKING the flair!
That view down T Street looks like a winter wonderland - although I'm sure you "wonder" when the heck it's all going to melt!
Well....I know that this time around you got more than the 10" we are expecting tomorrow, but we have been living with huge totals this year that just don't want to melt...but I guess that's what I get for living in Northern Illinois!
great snow coverage! {pun intended!}
Gorgeous photos of the snow, I've always thought the world looks magical after a snowfall.
LOL at Mabel just lying there :-)
This comment has been removed by the author. St. Louis tourist visiting in DC, hope to make it back home tomorrow. See you at the Mary Engelbreit event in the Spring, and I apologize for the multiple posts!
oh claudine. it looks exactly like what we see every winter in this part of Canada. LOL I have a love hate relationship with snow. I hate the cold but love how pretty it is when it is freshly fallen like in your photos. Snuggle up and enjoy. Summer will be here before you know it.

The snow photos are beautiful! We never get snow like that in GA
Love the photos and Paul's video! Loved Mabel and stuff-on-belly! Maybe our predicted snow for tomorrow will miss us and had toward NYC! Stay warm. hugs,
oh my, that is a lot of snow!!!
We were passed up this year in Seattle, thank goodness!!!

Mabel makes me smile every time I see photos of her!
Wow - that is some serious snow. I'm surprised you had power all through a storm like that - what a great thing. I'm curious, does all this unexpected snow make you wonder about the global warming theory? We've had quite a bit dumped on us where I hail from, and I personally feel like the worn out joke where an elderly lady calls her local weatherman at the TV station and asks him to please come shovel the predicted "sunshine" off of her driveway....
It looks like Montréal ! :-)
We envy you because we miss the snow this year (very little)
That is so freakin' awesome! We're lucky if it rains here (Anaheim, CA) for 20 minutes TOTAL all winter. :(

People in Southern California who love rain are, like, osterized. I'd totally move to Forks, Washington, except, you know, Disneyland is down the street from me. And I love Disneyland more than I love the rain. I think.
I love your cat -- that's hilarious! :) Have you guys dug out yet?
I love the snow on trees!
That is some serious snow! I hope you all are staying warm! I heard rumors that more is coming, but hopefully not!
Oh my gosh, how cute is your kitty! I've never seen a cat that would actually sit still long enough to be able to put all those toys on her. lol Very cute.

You definitely got more snow than us. We just in the past few days (Michigan) got hit pretty hard, but not that bad. The view of the street is awesome!
Mabel is adorable..she should be the subject of some of your art. I can see that pic with the caption "welcome to MY world."
All that snow is how my world is looking today here in Michigan...I am staying in :)
te heheheee your cat!! haha!! bless her! goodness me snow!! so much snow! thought we has some but thats amazing! WOW! :0)
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