all packed up and ready to go!
Tomorrow I head off for a working trip to England. I'm just about packed and ready to go! I wish Mabel could come with me, but I don't think she'd like the long plane ride!

I'll be starting off in North Yorkshire teaching 2 workshops at Art from the Heart owned by the hilarious and fun Dyan Reaveley. Then I'll head to Birmingham and meet up with Suze and Tim to teach a workshop to store owners at the Craft Hobby + Stitch Show. During Stitches I'll be demoing for Personal Impressions, then onto London for an appearance on QVC UK (watch Feb 23rd online here!) and then home! whew!

I won't be Twittering much because I don't dare use or even turn on my cell phone when I reach the other side of the pond for fear of a giant cell phone bill. And I'm not bringing our laptop since we now use it to watch all our shows by hooking it up to the TV set. I don't want to leave Paul without anything to watch for 9 days!

If I know Suze, she'll be blogging every day so you can follow along with our adventures via her blog!

I am looking forward to seeing England again! I'll see you when I get back!

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safe flight.. see you next week :)
Have a great trip to the UK... wish I could come to Dyan's for your worshop but I live waaay too far away...Have fun!!! xoxo
Your kitty is just way too cute... how she's just relaxing there... LOL

Mine is watching my every move when i'm going out, and yelling to me when i get home "where the h*ll have you been" before throwing himself on the floor, to be held and cuddled etc. :)

Have fun in the UK. You're pretty close to me, i live in the netherlands... :)

Luv, Karin & Miauwww from Philip :)
Have a wonderful trip, Claudine!!! :)
Have fun! That sounds so exciting. I never get to go anywhere.

I think that your kitty wants to go with you, hehe. :) She/He's cute.
Have a great and safe Trip Claudine! QVC!? AWESOME! Can't wait to check out!

Heidi & the Simon team
That is SOOOO something my cat would do!!! Have a great trip!
Hope your trip is wonderful!
OMG.....Love the picture of the kitty in the suitcase.....

Have a great trip!
Happy Birthday!
So how did you feel about the flaming swan birthday celebration pictured on Tim's blog? I would have been crawling under the table! Happy Birthday anyway!
Hi Claudine,

Hope you are enjoying England! Just wanted to say thanks for a really enjoyable morning on Saturday at the class. I really enjoyed it so much and was great to see your fab products!

Best wishes,
Hi Claudine,

Just to say it was amzing to meet you over in Birmingham and I loved seeing your demos. We can't wait to get your full range in the shop. I hope we can get you over to Ireland one day. Will keep in touch

Cathy x
Watched with interest on qvc in uk, and was gutted you only had such a short time on air! Shame on qvc! So, here I am checking out your blog to find more info. Your 'stuff' looked amazing, so wish you'd had more time demo. Thanks for the inspiration.

Good luck and safe travels! I know you'll have a wonderful time and those enjoying your workshops will be greatly inspired (: I'm sure Miss Mabel will be thrilled upon your return =^..^=
Hi Claudine, I am so pleased to say that I had the pleasure of meeting you at the trade show! not sure if you will remember as you us of had a heck of a trip soooo busy! I was with my Boss and you really loved our scarf's... with the pom poms if you get time some time have a look at my blog you maybe will remember as there are a few pictures of me wearing my scarf lol!

anyway just wanted to stop by and say hi and also loving your products!! and thank you for all the inspiration!

and hope you had a safe journey home!
hugs Samantha :0)
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