illustration friday: skinny
I have two submissions for this week's illustration friday theme of "skinny"

The first thought that came to mind was the typical scale/weight theme when I thought of the theme so here's what I made first:


Then as I was working on the piece above I had a new idea! I thought about our cat Mabel and I decided to do a piece with her in it. Mabel is the opposite of "skinny"! Mabel's actual photo was used for the cat :)


Mabel is our huge fatty beast of a cat who I found in 2005 wandering the street outside our home in Florida. She was so skinny you could see every rib - hard to imagine now!

When we first took her in she would trick us. She's an academy award winning actress, telling Paul I hadn't fed her and vice versa. So we were both feeding her and before we knew it she was not skinny anymore! We do try to keep her weight down to a reasonable level, but it's difficult with a very demanding cat!

here's a photo of Mabel in her favorite TV watching position.


Have a great weekend everyone!!

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I love them. Can't wait for illustration Friday.

How darn cute is that! And what lovely work you do!
Hi Claudine~ I think both collages are wonderful. Mabel is adorable, even if she is a bit overweight. I like the she really kicks back when she watches tv. Cute! Have a great weekend!
I just love the shock on the gals face. Fantastic.

Mabel is just the cutest cat - she really knows how to relax :-)
Oh my goodness. While the art is's the last pic of Mabel that takes the cake...or did she eat
She made me laugh because I have a friend who had a cat built just like your Mabel. She was all white and her name was Ruby. There wasn't a piece of furniture in the house that she could manage to get herself up onto.
Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love the collage work you have done. I knew your name sounded familiar as I just finished reading Holly DeWolf's book on breaking into illustration. Then I just went to comment on Fanny's Bastien illustration for skinny and you had been there too:) Similiar tastes. Thanks so much
Such great posts, Claudine!! Love the different pieces and your kitty is the pose. So nice to hear from you...I am a fan!! : )
love the collages AND the Story of Mabel and her couch potato pose (my little butterball of a kitty sits just like that sometimes too!)
Mabel is sure a cutie! And it is easy to see she is loved!
I love the illustrations, and the photo of Mabel made me laugh out loud!! Cats are great.
Very fun- I love your pen work in the background along with the collage- yup your cat aint skinny anymore!
love the style, works perfectly!
Great collages! Love the expressions. And my, that cat is definitely the opposite of skinny!
wonderful images claudine. that's always my reaction to a visit to the scale! as for your hefty kitty, incredibly adorable! i have some of those "actor's studio" types myself. hahahah
Mabel is gorgeous, what a belly! Your illustrations are great too! :)

i just love how you put these together, the punches of color, the mad-men women! ")))
Mabel is so gorgeous, she looks a little like our rescue cat Poppet..well similar size anyway.
Love your work too!
Lovely mixed media pieces :)
What wonderful expressions on their faces! Seriously funny! :-)
What great collages! But, I don't expect anything less than your always steady stream of fabulous! Oh, tell Mabel, I have a fat furry butt cat guy name, Oscar. He eats us out of house and home! :)
hah she is gorgeous!!

I love your scale piece too!
she is so adorable, I want to hug her. Great illustrations as always!
Love it Claudine!
Mabel gets an award for her acting, her beauty and voluptuous figure!
These are both fabulous, Claudine! And I love your cat. What a character.
Her expression at the scale is priceless!

Cute kitty belly!!!! :)
So good to see Mabel!!!
Mabel knew that dreams DO come true! : )
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