illustration friday: flying
Here's my submission(s) for this weeks illustration friday theme of "flying"

space flight

I actually have quite a few flying pieces because it's a theme that I enjoy, here's a custom artwork that I created of this little boy and his two cats flying in space!


And here's another one of my favorite
custom artworks I created with a flying theme. This piece was ordered in celebration of the adoption of a new baby girl and this family loves to travel. The client and I came up with the plane theme with everyone together as a new family!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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What fun! Great mix of photos & illustration. Love the space cats
This is a good idea! Love the illustration.
Hey... I like it so much!! This is really amazing!! Lots of fun!!!
What better way to fly then with someone you love he he he! These are so whimsical and fun! Lovely!
Love your work!!!!
your work is always fun to see. michael dailey
Wonderful! I love the cats in the top illustration and the landscape in the bottom one.
very cool!!
A bit of vintage... a bit of modern... love your style!
what fun...great pieces!!
Absolutely lovely - both of them :-)
I love the family in the plane. Your work is incredibly fun.
Happy flying!
Theyre both amazing! Love your work :-)
I love them both, Claudine.
I couldn't pick just one either.

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