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My friend Lorraine is collecting unusual stories about rings... coincidences, lost and then found rings any personal story about a ring ... for a special book project. If you have a story that you'd like to tell about a ring in your life, please contact her, or post your stories in the comments and I will make sure she gets them! She will be thrilled. Her email is

To get started I'll tell you my "ring" story. Like most ring stories it's about my engagement!

It was September 2000 and we were on a little vacation in London, Paul had brought the engagement ring with him on the trip without my knowing about it. He kept saying things like "how about we go sit in the park on a bench over here" and I would respond "no let's keep sight seeing!" Paul was so frustrated trying to find the perfect spot to pop the question, I was making it difficult!

Finally back at the hotel he decides he's going get it over with and he gets down on one knee and pauses the TV. I was clueless and was thinking "hey I was watching that!" then he asks me to marry him and of course I said yes! It was a beautiful ring, a square cut diamond in the center of smaller diamonds. I don't wear it anymore because I am worried I'll get it full of paint. Which is very likely! I just wear my wedding band now which reminds me of an ornate napkin ring, but I can't blame anyone because I'm the one who picked that one out!

I know my Mom has a great ring story, something about a little boy down the street who took his mother's wedding ring and asked Mom to marry her when they were all of 4 or 5 years old and then the ring had to be given back. Mom maybe you can share that story with Lorraine or with us? I would love to hear it again!!


Have your friend check this out: 16 months after losing his wedding ring in Wellington Harbour, in New Zealand, this guy goes diving and finds it! A real heart-smile :-)
Story at
On my 16th birthday, my Grandfather gave me my Grandmother's ring (she died when I was 3). It is a silver turquoise ring that she bought on her honeymoon in NYC with my Grandfather. I wear it every day on my right hand, just as she did. Grandpa's gone now. As is my Aunt, their daughter, at whose home he gave me the ring. I have special memories when I think about it and its history.

My wedding ring is something that most would call 'cheap', but that I call a gem. My husband and I eloped (that's a whole 'nother story) about a week after I came from Boston to visit him in L.A. for Christmas. He proposed on Christmas and a week later we were married. We spent a couple of days looking for rings and everything we needed. I found my ring-the only one of its kind that the seller had (he had multiples of all of them, except this one). It is a bird inside of a heart, holding a flower in its beak. I happily handed over my $10 to the seller. I've worn the ring daily since New Years Eve 1995 and am still very happily married.
My ring story too, is about my engagement ring-and how it became to be my ring.

The junior class in nursing school annually put on a banquet for the graduating seniors. My boyfriend, Rick, was my date for the evening. He came to pick me up and had a nose-gay of flowers. When he gave it to me, he was holding it at an angle and I turned it upright. Rick shifted the bouquet again at an angle. Inside the bouquet was my ring. He gave it to me and, needless to say, we did not spend a long time at the dinner. Two weeks from now, we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary, We have been through a lot-10 years ago he became paralyzed. He was and is my best friend...and that ring is our promise for better or worse. It continues to be the best ride of my life.

Pam Kaszar
Loving your ring stories!! so touching!! thank you for sharing!!
Here is my very special ring story about a very special ring:

I have always loved rings, especially engagement rings, and I would always tell my Grandmother (Mom-mom)how much I liked her engagement ring. She even let me wear it for a week when I was in high school! Now, the reason why I love it is because it is my Mom-mom's. It is not worth anything monetarily, I am sure.

So, fast forward many many years. Mom-mom was getting sick; she was old. She was in and out of the hospital and her hands frequently swelled and she couldn't wear her ring anymore. She had always promised me the ring when she passed on, so of course, when she told me one day that she wanted me to have it, I was very emotional. I knew that Mom-mom would pass on one day and that day was getting closer and closer.

Well, I kept that ring safe and sound. I wore it often because I felt it brought me closer to her since I was living so far away at the time, with my boyfriend (now husband Bob). Well, I LOST IT! I was beside myself. I couldn't believe it. I went on a trip, came back, and it was gone! GONE! I felt like a horrible horrible grandaughter. How could I lose this very important thing? At one point, I remember Bob stopping me from my frantic search for the ring because I couldn't stop myself.

Shortly after this terrible loss, I had a loss much worse. Mom-mom died. It was her time, she needed peace. She was an amazing lady.

I mourned the loss of her as well as the loss of that important peice of jewerly that was such an important connection to her.

A couple of months later I began a new job. Bob had gotten me a new bag for my job. One morning, I saw something glinting at the opening of the bag. YES, perched atop the bag was the ring! I am not making this up. The ring magically, fantastically appeared. I cried and cried and Bob and I were flabbergasted. I could not figure out a logical reason for that ring to show up there since I didn't even have that bag when I lost the ring. None of it made sense...

I never believed in "miracles" or such things, but I do believe that Mom-mom was looking down on me and put the ring back in my posession, forgiving me.

I cherish that ring and will never forget the magic that happened.
My story also involves a grandma, a ring, a lost ring and remembrance.

I adored my grandma, but not her taste in jewelry. But she gave me a diamond cocktail ring right before she died and I treasured it altho I rarely wore it.

Fast forward about 5 years; had been dating my husband for 4 years and was getting rather tired of waiting for him to make a decision. After he FINALLY popped the big question, we went to buy a ring - I wanted a modest size diamond and got a 1/2 caret solitaire, loved it and wore it daily. About 15 years later I lost the stone and was devastated. When I told my husband that I'd lost the ring, he mentioned that I really didn't need another one because we'd been married for so long already, and I shouldn't need an engagement ring. I told him in no uncertain terms that if I wasn't engaged...then I wasn't married! That got his attention.
So we compromised! I took Grandma's cocktail ring and with major modifications we turned it into an engagement/eternity ring - which I love and wear every day. I have a lovely ring, I am reminded of my marriage every day, and I get to remember and think of my beloved Grandma and how she would have loved to see me using her ring in such a great way.
I'm Claudine's mother and here is my ring story.

When I was in first grade my friend Kathleen's brother, Brian, who was a year older, decided he was in love with me. One day he came to our little, rundown school in the English town of Donnington, and presented me with this gorgeous diamond ring and asked me to marry him. When I got home, I told my mother that I was going to marry Brian and had an engagement ring. She took one look at it and rushed up the road to talk to his mother. We didn't have phones in those days in that part of England. Then she broke the news that I had to give the ring back. Brian had taken his mother's engagement ring....

Ann Hellmuth
When John and I were celebrating one year of being together, he started a company which brought him to Puerto Rico every other week or so. (1997) One night, while he was there, he calls me as usual and told me he was coming back to Miami the next night. I asked him a what time should I pick him up at the airport and he said: "I am not sure yet, but I'll give you a ring tomorrow and let you know"
The next day he showed up, during lunch time at my work and proposed to me in front of many people at Easter Seal. Really unexpected, unforgettable, great!
by Leonor Rosser
I love each and every one of these stories!!!
I tell you a story about a ring. Never wear no jewelry when you ever go over to Mr. Robinson's house. If her son catch a glimpse of it, he rob you blind.
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