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I just finished up this custom artwork which I created for a client who loves to bake pie (and her husband and daughter who love to eat it!). This was a big piece at 18x24. It was fun to work that large and I LOVED working on this theme!!


To complete the family portrait we included their son who passed away. We decided to feature him in a photo frame in the background so he can be represented with the family too. This was such a fun piece to work on and the client loved it too.

Here's what she said:
I adore the piece and can't wait to receive it! Thanks so much for your speedy work and phenomenal creativity. It was a pleasure to work with you. Thanks again!

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I really like it. You did a great job!!
This is such a fun, lively piece. You managed to communicate so much here, a family's dynamic and loves. Brilliant how you kept their son in the picture, literally and figuratively.
I love it! It makes me smile. :)
it is truly gorgeous.
I love it!! That is awesome!!
Absolutely love this! xx
Love love love this! Very unique.
Love this piece....would you ever consider doing a video in fast motion demonstrating and showing you actually doing this piece and future pieces?
if I can figure out how to video it I will!!
LOVE how you incorporated the son
SO fun! So fabulous!
So if you do a custom piece for me, can I request to be made a size 4? :)
What a sweet family and a great way to include their son. Fun collage with all the baking utensils/supplies!
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