illustration friday: infinite
Here's my submission this this weeks illustration friday theme of "infinite".


Doesn't it seem like doing the laundry is an infinite task? As soon as you are done, there is more to do!

I worked on this piece today and the idea came to me partly because I am doing laundry in between making art, fortunately I am not ironing like this gal! Have a great weekend everyone!


Good take on the theme. Minutes ago I mentioned to my brother that the thing I hated about Laundry was that it was never actually done.
Oh, this is a great take because it's sooooo true! I love this piece! :)
Oh, can I relate to this one!! Ironing seems like the never ending task... Wonderful illustration!! :) Silke
I don't know how you do it every week but thanks for the chuckle and awe!
Perfect! And a sink full of dishes would have put you at "Infinity and Beyond!)
thank you very much! love your piece for "infinite." :)
it reminds me of those WWII-era vintage posters.
Ohh, she looks troubled, poor thing ... all those stacks just keep growing :)
Lovely collage - I like the peach-yellow with the blue.
(I iron Hama beads, mostly ;-)
i agree. i think most house chores are infinite in some way: michael dailey
Laundry, and dishes, and yard work, and everything! Great take on this week's topic!
Ugh! This is one task I strongly dislike!!! and you are so right! It is endless! Great take on the theme!

edrian | visit my blog
or you can be like me and don't iron...haha. I just wear wrinkly clothes. :)

thanks for the link to your friends website 'aplacetobark'. She does incredible work and i only wish i could do more for the animals in my community. I really would love to live in a place where I can have tons of property and rescue animals. Maybe one day. :)
oh what a great piece Claudine....I don't like ironing....but if I had a laundry room like your girl here...maybe I would do it
I totally agree with you on that! So not a big fan of ironing, but your artwork sure does make ironing look good! love you style and colors :D Awesome work as always.
another awesome piece! i love your style.
Good one, but I love ironing (does that make me odd?) I find it relaxing to be able to iron out life's little wrinkles.
love the expression!
so 1950s.
laundry. oh crud. thanks for the reminder! infinite smallish jokceys to wash. (no, not tiny horseman.)

this is SUPER, calaudine and CONGRATS on your line! what a great packaging look and idea! :))
very clever take on the topic, charming piece!
Ironing...urgh! I really always try getting away with not doing much of this. My friends are always surprised when I tell them I dont iron very often at all!! But really... I just cant stand it!
I love this fun piece. Her expression is priceless!
Just discovered your collage art, and am totally loving them. Like, totally.
Your work is so fantastic...this poor woman...I hear you, seems like laundry is never-ending.
Very fun piece!!
Claudine, you are so right! I try to fit the house work in where I can...that's probably why I don't entertain much! lol! Wonderful piece, as usual!
Brilliant! I HATE ironing so much!! Lovely illustration! :)
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