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I spent today packing up supplies to ship off to my workshop I am teaching at Artascope Studios in Maine in just a couple weeks! I'll be there Sept 25-27th, there's still a couple of spaces available if you are in the area!

Here's Mabel in one of my suitcases, she's so big makes this suitcase look small!!

I used to drag most of my supplies along in my luggage, but now with airlines charging so much for each bag - even the first one - $25 on US Air thank-you-very-much. It's way cheaper to ship even if it's a 50lb box!

The only bad part about shipping your supplies ahead is even though I make a list I always second guess myself at the last minute wondering if I brought enough of this or that etc. But the GREAT part is just wheeling to the airport with my carry-on bag! weeeee!!!!!

And speaking of workshops ... here are my last dates for 2009 below!!!

Alexandria VA - October 24th
A one day Magazine Alterology Workshop in Alexandria VA Just added to my calendar!! Workshop will be at the Artistic Artifacts studio. Learn exciting techniques to create amazing images and background papers with used magazines and various household products! we'll be creating Polaroid-transfer looking images with household materials and old magazines. We'll alter magazine pages to create backgrounds for collages, make incredible images to collage with and more! Class details and sign up information are on the Artistic Artifacts Web site. Spaces are limited so sign up soon!

Daytona Beach FL - November 14th
On November 14th I'll be teaching a one day Beeswax collage at the Art League of Daytona Beach. Contact the Art League at (386) 258-3856 to register.

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My kitties do the SAME thing when I pack. They just love to hang out in the suitcase until I kick them out. Too adorable.

It looks like Mabel is going with you!

~ Gabriela ~
my dh travels for a living and whenever he has his suitcase out to pack, they jump in. I think they either want to go with him or are trying to scent his suitcase to keep him from cheating with other kitties while he is away :)

Mabel is a cutie and she looks like she is ready for her trip to ME with you!
My Gracie loves to sit in the suitcase too ~ it seems like she is trying to tell me not to go, or that she wants to go with me...but in reality I know she is just being a cat and having to lay claim to the new "box" in the room!

Looking forward to your beeswax class in Daytona Beach!
I have a roller suitcase/duffle that my cat just loves. It's soft sides and It lives on a lower shelf in my closet. When my cat sees the closet open she makes a bee line to that suitcase and snuggles into it. I have to clean the cat hair out before I can use it, LOL
Oh, I love seeing your kitty in the bag! Mine used to do that, too -- cats are so funny! =)
Hi, Claudine! Mabel is beautiful! So pleased with herself, too! They somehow know that you're leaving soon whenever they see those suitcases and try to go along. She's a sweetie! :-)
Looking forward to taking your workshop this weekend!
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