anniversary = stan-aversary!
It's September 8th and that means it's our wedding Anniversary! Paul and I have been married 8 years today!!

But it's also our Stan-a-versary!! Exactly 3 years ago on our 5th wedding anniversary, Paul and I drove up to Atlanta to get Stanley! Here he is just days after we brought him home, testing the patience of our other rescue kitty, Mabel! Love this photo!!


Stan came from an animal rescue called A Place to Bark which is run solely by Bernie Berlin (she's also one of my closest friends). Bernie's rescue is in Tennessee so she had him transported to Atlanta where he waited a day or two for us to arrive at my friend Andra's house!

He was such a little baby (he had to be bottle fed for a few weeks before we could adopt him) and has brought so much joy to our lives! He would not be alive if it weren't for Bernie. She truly amazes me -- every day she is saving wonderful pets like Stanley from certain death at animal control. She saves so many lives and all these wonderful creatures have found new homes because of her. She is so amazing!

Thank you Bernie for the wonderful gift of life you give to these animals, and we thank you for Stanley. He is such a joy!


Happy anniversary and your kittys are adorable!
Happy Anniversary and Staniversary!! :)
Congratulations Claudine! Oh those cats are SO adorable. Stanley is very handsome and bright looking! Samsart5 Sam
Love the photo; so cute! Happy day to you and Paul and many, many more!
Your cats are so beautiful. My little orange cat Lancelot looked a lot like your Stanley. Mabel has such a great look on her face-- beautiful eyes.
Happy anniversary to you and Paul, too.
Joy in Florida
Both cats are adorable - the eldest looks very much like our cat Dumbledore.
AWESOME...Happy wishes all around!
Adorable Claudine So cute-happy days
The expression is priceless-every mother in the world has worn it at least once. Bernie is the best of the best-love to all!
Happy Anniversary everybody!

absolutely adorable!
happy, happy 8th anniversary.
Lenny's and mine is Sept 15th and it'll be 46 THAT is amazing !

And..happy birthday to the furry....nothing like a cat!
Hugz to you ALL,
Happy Anniversary!

I love the look on Mabel's face - it is like she's saying: Is this thing staying? Take it back. Now.
Happy Anniversary! and that photo of Stanley and Mabel is adorable....what a pretty face!
Happy anniversary/stan-aversary! We actually share the same exact wedding anniversary :). My hubby and I celebrated year 8 yesterday, too!!
Happy anniversary & Stan-anniversary! : )
Absolutely darling photo of stanley. He is the spitting image of our recently lost boy, marvin when he was a kitten. A rescue too. So cute. Happy Stan-aversary!
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