somerset studio magazine + a giveaway!
I was excited to see the new issue of Somerset Studio Magazine! At CHA Winter 2009 the Ranger booth did a house project designer challenge where each participant received a box full of Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints, mediums + sticky-back canvas and a paper mache rectangle + one piece of chipboard. We were instructed to make something "house shaped."

Here's a quick snap of most of the houses at the Ranger booth at the CHA Winter show.... after the show we sent all the houses to Somerset Studio Magazine for the article!

Here's a little preview of the article with my Circus "big top" house and you can see a peek of Tim Holtz's beachy house. To read the whole article you'll have to get the magazine!

-- contest is over! Winner has been chosen. Scroll down to see if you won!

I have one copy of the magazine to give away!!

Just post a comment below and you'll be entered to win the Sept/Oct 2009 issue of Somerset Studio. I'll choose a winner at random on Friday evening at 5pm EST!

EDITED 5:15PM EST 8-14-09


A winner has been selected using the random number generator and it's #104 which is Apple!!
Apple send me your snail mail address and I will send you the magazine. Thanks for playing everyone!!

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My art project in college was front doors of homes.
Love the different creativity.

What a great idea! A box full of Claudine stuff! Thanks for the chance to win!
looks fun!
Love the houses and who doesn't love a giveaway!!!
How sweet! Love all the adorable little houses, thanks for offering a giveaway!
Love the houses! Congrats! You are amazingly super uber talented!!! (I hope that was enough brown nosin to win the mag! heheh) Thank you for the opportunity!
Artful Blessings,
I would love to see that article.....that is such a great idea---and I always love how you can pick the creator by their style---thanks for sharing!
Ohhh those houses are just adorable. Can't wait to see more of them and to try it out myself. Thanks for the giveaway.
Love the houses. Hooray for a give-away.
Your house and the others are fantastic! Thanks for your generosity with the giveaway!
How wonderful! I admire your work sopo soo much, and am looking forward to hearing you in Laura Bray's class! Thanks for the opportunity!
Love, love the houses and your paint!!!
Love your little house, but gotta say, I'm LUSTING for Patt's Crown House! jood
ooohhh, pick me! this looks great!
can't wait to see that issue!
Wow, congrats - I love all the houses, especially the one with the crown shaped roof!
Thanks for the opportunity to win a magazine - I don't get that one downunder :)
I love how all the different houses came out!

I can't wait to see the newest issue!
I just love the magazine - can't wait to see the houses!!
Oh, I would love to get this magazine!!!! It looks like a wonderful article!
This looks like a terrific issue of SS. I always love the S/O issue...maybe because I love Halloween!
I saw those amazing houses earlier this year at CHA! so wonderful! thanks for a chance to win the magazine!
I love the heads up on the new issue. Thanks for posting.

I've never read this magazine but always wanted to - thanks for the opportunity!
All these houses look awsome !
Thanks for the giveaway :)
I want all those houses for my studio wall!
What fun. Can't wait to see this issue. Thank you for the opportunity.
Love the Big Top. Thanks for the chance for a copy of the magazine!
Hi Claudine!
I SOOo love your house display...and your big top house? Genius! I have yet to get my hands on some of your sticky back canvas, but I am DYING to try it out! I loved your how to videos from CHA also! Very cool!
Love your house display! Count me in for the giveaway. LindaSonia
This one looks like a 'must buy' issue ... unless I win it of course :^) Thanks for the chance.
OH MY GOODNESS - I am addicted to Sommerset Magazines - Please pick me - pick me !!!!!
I just love challenges like this. Everyone comes up with such different creations!
Ohhhhh! Halloween is my favorite holiday!
What a cute idea... you people are sooooo talented!!!
What a cool booth! I would love to win a copy of the magazine..I need inspiration:)
Great houses!!! I love the Halloween theme! Looks like a must read!
Ooh...what a great challenge. I can only imagine the creativity that came of that.
I'd LOVE to win the magazine...a Halloween doesn't get better than that!
Wow...the magical power of Sticky Back Canvas! So much talent on that wall. Thanks for the chance to win a cool giveaway!
What great houses...wish I could see them in person.
What a greatt take on the project. I am inspired by your circus theme. Thanks for the opportunity!
Love LOVE love the houses!!!
Love the houses...thanks for the ongoing inspiration! I have never looked at this magazine - it looks amazing!
That looks like a great project. I'd love to go to CHA someday.
I saw these houses at winter CHA and they were awesome! I can't wait to see the Somerset article. I would love to win the magazine.
Wow, they are so cute! I've been curious about Sommerset for a long time, but I've never yet had the chance to read it. I'd love to win! :) Thank you!
I do so love Halloween and I'm sure I see some have to have inspiration in the magazine.
WOW, those houses look amazing!! Isn't wonderful all the different ideas people have creating.
Have fun.
Cheers Sandie xxxxxx
Wow! Those houses look like awsome fun!
I love the houses! I made picture from it at CHA winter! However the picture is small and I would love to stare at them in close-up! We dont have the magazine in Holland, so winning one would be greath;)
How fun do those look?

That's a tough magazine to find in this neck of the (Canadian) woods. Your products ... even harder.

Thanks for your creativity and the give-away.
Wow! Those houses look fabulous! Can't wait to see the magazine :-)
The houses are so nice! I'd like to win this great giveaway :)
what a great idea, love it :)
I just love how that display of houses looks! I have a large blank wall in my living room that I've been trying to make a decision about decorating ... and now I've got ANOTHER idea! Would LOVE to win the next issue of Somerset Studio. If I don't, I'll go out and buy it anyway, just because I'm a huge fan ... but it's always more fun to win :) Thanks!
this would be such a fun art installation at home!
Fab idea!!
wow love the project !
Somerset Studio is my favourite magazine, ever! There's only one shop in my city who stock it and they only get 3 copies so I missed out on the last one (there are disadvantages to living in the UK!). This one looks fabulous!
How cool! Awesome projects and I love your products!!
Love the houses they made. I can't say enough good things about sticky back canvas. I especially like how it goes through a printer and the quality I get when I use it. Love you blg claudine. Peggy
I love all the houses you guys made! What a fantastic design team challenge!

Houses are great!! Love the giveaway!!
What totally adorable houses!!! I can't wait to see the article, and would love the opportunity to win a copy of one of my favorite magazines!!
I would love, love, love the issue. I just love that magazine, I learn so much from it!

Thank you!
I love birdhouses+ I'm fond of these birdhouses + I love Somerset studio = Please enter me in your drawing! Have a very nice day yourself!
such fun! love the colors and textures!
Love the houses and your products! It would be lovely to win a copy of the magazine!
Please enter my name in your giveaway :)
To get to play with the paints and sticky back canvas sounds like a great time to me. Somerset studio is such a great magazine and I'm glad to see you are part of it.
Oh pick
Lovely houses,
Thanks Claudine- The houses are as diverse as the artists who made them. I would love to see more close ups of the individual projects. Thank you for the opportunity to win the magazine.

OOH! I love your work and this magazine! I would have to share this with my Mum; her bday is on Halloween!
Oh my goodness - what an amazing collection of houses! I LOVE yours, too -- the dimension ROCKS! (Plus, I've always loved big tops!)
i'd love a chance to win this fab mag! thanks for giving us this wonderful opportunity :)
all the very best to you,
joolz x
You saw the mag?? I am so jealous!

These houses are wonderful! Can't wait to see them for myself. I love Somerset -- the most inspirational mixed media mag out there IMO. Crossing my fingers that I'm the lucky winner. Congrats on the publication!
Can't wait to see the houses!!
I love your Big Top!! that is just too cute. And I would love to have the Halloween issue of Somerset. I don't get to buy it anymore, and Halloween was always my favorite issue.
I'm loving the sticky back canvas! The houses look amazing. Thanks for the give-away.
Love these houses. Thanks for the chance to win the magazine.
The houses are wonderful. So happy to have a chance to win the box of goodies! I've been wanting to try that sticky backed canvas. So many possibilities!
Thanks for your great blog.
Hi, Claudine! Looks like a fun project! Congratulations on the publication, too! :-)
Love the houses and a new project is always exciting!!! see a lot of "house" shapes showing up lately but this display is so impressive. Thanks for the giveaway. Roberta
Wahoo! I love Somerset Studio! Thanks for the chance to win!
I love your house! I was just thinking about doing one for Halloween! I think if I start I will want to make lots of them, though! LOL!
Thanks, Claudine. We all loved your house!
I always love seeing the Ranger CHA projects! Such imagination!
Thanks Claudine,
Love the houses! Would love to see the article! I bet they were fun to make!
I would love to win a copy - thanks for sharing! I'm also seriously considering the St. Louis ME workshop - too fun!
What a fun art project that would be, making houses. I bet my daughter would love that! She's a VERY crafty 5 year old.
Great project, they look great all lined up. Hope I get picked, if not I'll likely buy the mag anyway. Thanks for the opportunity.
The houses are super duper cool!
How great ! It makes me want to do it RIGHT NOW ! Thanks for the giveaway. Now I just have to get out my stickyback canvas and paints !
The houses are adorable -- a great project for my mixed-media art group!
cute houses
Wow, cool of a project to have taken part in. And who doesn't love all of the Somerset mags? Very cool!
Peace & Love,
Hi Claudine,

I was at Amy's today and she showed me the great article with all your cute houses. Fun!! I loved meeting you for her embroidery gathering in June. Count me in for the drawing!!

Sue E.
I so much love your art. It gives me hope that I can stretch my imagination and do something. I finally got all of your paints (via mail) and can't wait to get started!!
Sharon from TX
these are fun houses .. and one of my fav magazines!!
Thanks so much for your inspiration and a chance to win a prize!
love the houses..I am so excited to get my hands on the newest somerset magazine...
Thak you for this giveaway !!!!
Lot of kiss
the houses are a fab project. somerset is full of inspiration, thanks for the chance to win :)
Those houses are wonderful!

Great giveaway! Count me in!! :) Silke
Every time I think I'll not buy Somerset, something like this comes along & I buy one! *lol*
Thanks for offering the giveaway!
That is a great magazine!!
Love this article! Would love to win the magazine, but will have to have a copy regardless! :)
How totally cute are those little houses. What a great swap idea, or RR!
Awesome houses Claudine - I look forward to reading the article... Cheers, Sue (in OZ)
I heard about this back in the winter --- would love to be the lucky winner of this issue.
~~Mary Lib
what an awesome and fun kit challenge Ranger created for everyone- the houses look just adorable! it's so exciting that they're featured in Somerset-super cool! thanks so much for the chance to win a copy!
The houses are both adorable and inspiring!!! I love making houses too. Please enter me in your contest.
how cool are those houses - lucky artists that participated - love them. thanks for a chance to win!
THose houses are soo super cute I just saw amy's on her blog and she linked to you and boy what a treat to see all of these!
I step into the winner circle now!
Oh I just loved these houses. Suze had pictures on her blog. Can't wait to read the article!

Anne Marie
The houses look amazing!
amazing! so hard to decide which paint colors to get. thanks for the giveaway chance. warmly, amy
Oh, halloween!!! My favorite holiday of all!!!!!!!! Hi to you and Paul, Andra
Thanks for the fun Contest Claudine! I always enjoy seeing what you are up to! Keeping my fingers crossed.....
Congratulates for being published in Somerset magazine.
Thank you for being so kind for such sweet giveaway.
Here is to great art and the possibilities
The houses are so adorable. Yours is of course my favorite. Somerset Studio is always so full of inspiration..can't wait to see the latest edition. Thanks for sharing.
I have your paints and sticky back canvas and they are amazing!!

Count me in! My favorite issue, Halloween, yippee.
Oh I would love to win this issue! I miss Somerset subscription! Thanks for the giveaway!
Love Somerset Studio magazine....and cannot wait to see the article about these fun crafty houses!
Hi Claudine,
I'd love to be in the running for the magazine. I enjoy your blog and all the techniques I have learned in your classes.
Kind regards,
The little houses are so lovely! I can't wait to read the article.
Oh please, count me IN!! i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win all these goodies- cause i'm crafty like that!
~chinamommy (misschell)
Love, love your art. Thanks for the chance at a giveaway.
Those houses are great!! Wow! The things that can be done with your products. . .How VERY cool!
Love your work and your site .. and a chance to win a copy of ss... how kewl is that fingers crossed heres hopeing I may win.
hi Claudine! Congrats on all the cool stuff you've been up to lately.
I think this is a great give away!!!
Absolutely love Somerset Studio!. But I always go out to buy the magazine. I don't want to take the risk of it getting tattered in the mail. Thanks for a great giveaway Claudine.
Amazing work as usual, Claudine.
This looks like a wonderful issue! Happy Friday! :)
I seem to be doing the giveaways and usually can't enter any. I would LOVE the Somerset mag. I save mine for..ever!
Such cute houses! I'd love to win the magazine!
Thanks for the fun Contest Claudine!
Please enter me.
Thanks for always spreading the L.O.V.E. Claudine!
I have been hearing so many good things about your paints and want to get some to try them out someday!
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