illustration friday: magnify
Here's my entry for this weeks' Illustration Friday theme of "magnify"


"Rose was suddenly re-thinking her decision to buy a magnifying mirror."

When I first read the theme I thought of those magnifying make-up mirrors. And how at first it seems like a good idea to get "up close" to do your make-up, but then after looking in one, your flaws are instantly magnified and you have to remind yourself that normally people do not see you this close up!

Have a great weekend everyone!


nicee illustration well done :D
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How funny. Rose would be me. What a great concept.
hee he heee1 funny! Oh my the pores
Love this.
I know just how she
This made me laugh out loud! I love the expression on her face.
Oh yes... I know just how she feels... better to flip the mirror back!
Great idea! I do not like those mirrors at all. They should be banned.
hehe...true :) love this!
Happy Weekend :)
I just love your stuff!!
Fabulous! And oh so funny.
I like your interpretation of the prompt. nice illustration!
What a marvelous illo!
This is so funny. I bought a 10x mirror and stuck it in the bathroom. When my husband came home and looked in it he said, "No one should see themselves this close up!"
haha, that is so true, charming work as usual!
love the curlers, Claudine, and the biting the nails.
Great! I do love it! The line style is "tellement tendance et chic"

Good work!

Thanks for giving me a laugh once a week. SO funny!
I do not own one for this very reason! Hee!
What a hoot! Love this!
I can't stand those mirrors!!!!!!!!!!!!
great illo, you captured the perfect look on her face!
so true, so true it's way too scary!

we just moved to your side of the woods, I'm so excited to rediscover DC after I find my way out of all these boxes.
Wow,yes!true and nice :)
I love your work. This is so funny!
very cute piece Claudine....and I see Brenda used your products to create some cool art....
Absolutely FABULOUS!! Love all of the details and especially the fun colors!
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