help A Place To bark win $10k!
Please help "A Place To Bark" win $10,000 by nominating them, as your favorite charity!

The Christie Cookie Company is giving away $25,000 total to 12 charities. It only takes a few seconds, and will help A Place to Bark in their final phases of finishing the shelter to continue helping animals in need.

You will need the following info to vote:

Charity Name: A Place to Bark

Charity City: Portland

Charity State: TN

Charity Contact Name: Bernie Berlin

Your Name & Your Email

Spread the word and share with all your animal loving friends!!! Please re-post this message to your blogs, twitter and facebook so we can get as many people as possible to vote!

I can not stress enough how expensive caring for these animals is. I know just from myself with our own 2 cats how quickly we can burn through money. Now imagine that times 500 dogs + kitties per year. Just feeding them alone costs a fortune!

Just take one minute of your time, click this link, fill out the form and you will be doing your part to help the animals! It is not an exaggeration to say that these animals would not be alive if it weren't for A Place to Bark! Thank you so much!!

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Done! Thanks for posting this.
/Sharon in Saskatchewan
Done-will also post on Fiskateer Message board and contact Rebecca (Fiskateer lead) who adores Bernie!
Should we try to cajole good buddy Tim to blog about it?
just voted
I voted Claudine sounds like a great cause
just voted will retweet the message!
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