thursday in a nutshell
What I did today:
  • Intense Hatha Yoga class with my friend Alex who also happens to be our pet sitter
  • ate lunch
  • checked email
  • walked dogs with Alex on his dog walking route . I am missing Toby & needed some dog love!
  • checked email
  • worked on custom artwork orders
  • complied online tutorial for Fiskars blog
  • short nap to try to avoid another migraine
  • brushed our cats teeth
  • packed up orders I had finished to ship tomorrow
  • checked email
  • got photos ready to start custom artworks tomorrow
  • walked 2 miles meeting Paul on his way home from work
  • now it's dinner time and I am tired!


its the walked 2 miles part that got me !!! You've just got way too much spunk !
LOL - you should be tired after you full day on Thursday! Marlynn
PS - Claudine, you should check out my nephew-pup's (Oliver) blog, It's All About the Little White Dog at Scroll down to May 7th. This is how I get my puppy fix!! He is just so loving and I am his puppysitter and his Auntie Marlynn. He loves riding in my convertible!
Its the brushing the cats teeth that has me laughing! How funny!
Please keep us posted on the status of the fiskars blog tutorial you wrote. Where can we find it and when?
a productive day! tutorial sounds fun. have a great weekend.
been so busy that I had a lot of Claudine Hellmuth blog to catch up on. LOVE LOVE LOVE the sticky back canvas necklace you did!

gosh... you really are my favorite mixed media artist. Hands down! you never stop innovating.
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