toby smile!
Toby was having a good day today so I snapped this pic with my camera phone. I even got him to give me a little smile.

Toby feels good today!

A big change from even yesterday when he didn't feel good at all! Savoring each and every moment I have with him! Yay Toby!


Toby looks great today, enjoy the moments. All of ours hearts are with you and Paul and the Kids.
Love this photo! You've shared lots of "cute" photos, which he certainly is, but this is just so Happy! It is a photo that makes me happy! What a moment to treasure!

hugs to all of you!
Hi Claudine!
Toby is SO SO SWEET! What a wonderful picture! My miniature schnauzer seems to have an aversion to the I have to create a distraction then an ambush to get anything that even vaguely resembles a smile...GREAT CATCH!

Paula Clare
Oh Claudine...Toby is such a cutie and he looks so happy today. I'm glad he's had a great day. YAY!
Peace & Love,
Yeah Toby! I know it is hard when our "babies" aren't feeling well and we don't know why or how to help them(I have to wonderful kitties!) Wishing you, Toby and your family the best.
This is the first time I've seen Toby -- I'd only heard about him on Twitter -- but he is adorable. I'm glad he's smiling. :)
Yay Toby! HUGS to you both!
Keep smiling Toby!!! We are all rooting for you, sweet one. :)
what a sweetheart!
I was so happy to get this shot! He kept closing his mouth when i would take the photo so I walked ahead of him about a foot and got him to come to me. Presto!

Anyone know how to save these pics to the phone's SIM card. I can't find an option and I want to keep these when i get my next phone. I have a Samsung Flip Phone that is about 2 years old. i can look up the model number.....
look at the big smile! so beautiful! hugs to you for capturing this precious moment. ciao!
Toby looks so good today. So happy for a good Toby day. ms.cheryl
That is the sweetest face! He is like a little teddy bear.
Bernie told me about Toby. I wish you all possible good days. Toby's such a little cutie. You and Toby are in my thoughts, Patsy Z.
Insanely adorable!!! Sweet little creature.
Great to see you looking so good my beloved Toby. Mummy
Claudine - check with your provider ... i.e. ATT, Verizon, the other option that I did with one of my photos was to send the file to my email address. Then resend to your new phone. Of course, that was just one photo. ....When I changed phones a few weeks ago (I'm with ATT), they told me it was a little involved and tricky. I went from a "black" nokia to a Samsung propel.

Guess what I am saying, experiment now before changing phones and go visit your provider. They like people wandering in to talk with them and asking strange questions like I do. Could be why they run to the back room when I walk in!

TOBY is just too adorable for words. Prayers coming his way. Marlynn
Awwwwe...I love this adorable photo of your sweet boy!!! Looks like he was having a great day.
aawwww...what a cutie-patootie. So glad he was feeling good and you were able to catch this moment.Wishing you strength and courage to enjoy every day you have with him. Hugs to you and Toby.~~ Mary Lib
Each day is a day of togetherness and unconditional love. Treasure each moment and just love him to no end. He's a special little cutie. He knows you love him and he knows you are there for him. That's all he needs from you. My thoughts and prayers have not ended.

Denise Morris - FL
That is an awesome photo of Toby! He is so precious.
Oh my gosh...he is too precious for words...that is a definte shot for a layout...shows his true can do spirit. He is taking it one day at a time too, I am sure and enjoying those moments. Thank you so much for sharing such a personal and special time.
Toby looks SO CUTE! I'm really glad he was having a good day and that you caught that sweet smile on your phone for all of us to enjoy~we love you, Toby!
Precious, adorable Toby! Prayers for you all.
he is just the cutest little thing!! i'm so glad that he had a good day! :)
YEA TOBY! YEA Claudine!
oh my what a face! Fabuluous photo! Glad he's feeeling good today.
dear claudine, i discovered your website for the first time today while numbing myself on the internet. my heart goes out to you and i say this because on st. pat's day i had to say good-bye to my beautiful 12 year old golden, abby. i've been through some rough waters in my days but this was one of the saddest & hardest things i've ever done...thank you for your whimsical art, it brought a smile to my face and who day i may have you turn my precious pup into a work of art...she did have the best dog smile around!
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