worried about our little T
Toby had his teeth cleaned while we were in FL and they had found a growth. They tested it for cancer just in case and today we got news that we did not want to hear. They called today with the lab results and they are positive for malignant melanoma. Of course Paul and I are devastated!

We are going to find out what the treatment options are from the oncologist and trying to keep our spirits up. We don't believe in doing any crazy treatments that might make him miserable and not help in the long run. We want him to be comfortable and if we can help extend his life in a non-traumatic way then we'll do it.


If there is ever a case for not putting off your pets' teeth cleaning I think this is it. We actually had his teeth cleaned earlier than we needed to and I am so glad we did it. Otherwise who knows when they would have found this. We caught it early and that's what we keep saying to ourselves over and over again. Early is good. Early is good. Early is good.

PS that phone number on his collar is no longer active :) thanks to those of you who emailed me worried about it!


Claudine and Paul,
I am so sorry to hear of this news. Please know you did the right thing because early is good and have been excellent parents to all your pets.

Jake (my berner boy) and I will keep Toby and you both in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing for a positive treatment and outcome for sweet Toby boy!

so sorry to hear this news...
you are in my prayers!
Early is good.
Will be thinking of Toby, and hoping the very best for his treatment. Will be thinking of you and Paul and well, and hoping for peace and comfort in your decision making process.

I know from reading your tweets that you were very worried about this being the out come. I am sorry you were right on this one.

Good luck with the treatment options and I will keep the little rascal in my prayers. (and you all too)
Wishing you and your adorable little friend all the best of luck!
Hi Claudine. I read your blog daily and don't think I've ever left a comment but wanted to after reading your post today. :( Just wanted to let you know I'll send a little prayer...

Oh no sweetie, I just saw your Tweet that today was a shocker and came over here to see the bad news. We are thinking about you here in Texas and just know that everything will be ok. Don't you worry your pretty little head or let Toby worry his furry one.
Oh no! I'm so sorry! (((hugs)))
So sorry to hear this sad news, I hope there are some treatment options for your cute boy, best of luck & thinking of you!
So sorry to hear that - been through same situation - it's heartbreaking. Dogs are just another member of the family so I understand. Thinking of you.
Just to let you know that I am thinking about you.
Claudine, I am so sorry for your findings with Toby. I am here to give you hope. My Cotton, an american eskimo, was diagnosed with vaginal cancer. I found it early, they removed it and she did great. She had to go be checked monthly for six months and then every other month for the next six months. She went on to live until 14 which is about right for her breed. I'll say a prayer for Toby.
Hi Claudine
Just had to say sending lots of love and healing angels from across the pond to you and your little fur baby, been there know what you're going through, just keep those positive thoughts going!
So sorry to hear about Toby. I guess I should consider getting my little Corgi's teeth cleaned. I hope that Toby will be ok. I will keep checking the blog for updates.
I'm so sorry to hear this. We had two spots removed from Harley last year and we check him for lumps almost on a daily basis now.
OMG!!! I am so sorry to hear this news about Mr. Toby. Sending my good thoughts, prayers, best wishes and hope the you can find a way to make him a comfy and happy boy. Miss Beula sends her best wishes too.
Oh, Claudine.I am so sorry to hear this news. My kitty cat Felix had cancer of the jaw, so if you need any ideas on treatment, give me a ring.


Hey, my blogger verification word is "pawfu". Funny.
Claudine, I am so so sorry to hear this!! I hope you are able to find a successful treatment for Toby.
I am so sorry that you got that news, Claudine! You know I'm praying for Toby and for you and your family. Thinking good thoughts. BIG hugs!
Poor baby Toby! I hope everything goes okay. *hugs*
Oh Claudine, so sorry to hear this. :( Sending you, Paul + Toby lots and LOTS of BIG hugs. And more hugs.
Poor you and poor Toby. You're having a run of bad luck with your fur-babies. I'm so sorry. I'll be sending good thoughts out to you all.

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