happy holidays!
It's wintery weather out there! At least here in DC! I've got my sweaters and scarfs out! Hoping for a little Christmas snow maybe!


Here's an artwork I created of myself as a little girl wearing my favorite pink sweater! This artwork was featured in the Jan/Feb issue of Memory Markers Magazine in a feature article about my new book: The Scrapbooker's Creativity Kit. Six of us created artwork for the article using prompts from my new book. My prompts were FUZZY and PINK, which made me think of a fuzzy pink angora sweater that I had when I was little. I thought I was really hot stuff when I wore it -- so I wore it every chance I got. Never mind that it was itchy!

Wishing everyone a snuggly, happy holiday full of pink sweater memories!


Love it - I just want your book now! :)
If you really want some snow I'll be glad to send you some of our 36 inches which we've gotten in the last week!!
I have the first and second books so I'm looking forward to this one.
I love it! Such a great expression on your "little you" face!

Happy holidays to you and your family. And, here's to keeping warm (and fuzzy, heh-heh)!
happy christmas claudine and paul!
Claudine - you are Hot Stuff! Happy holidays and have a great new year.
tooo cute! Merry Christmas!
This is so cool! It looks like you and it's all wintery and everything! I've got your book on my wish list. And of course... I'm the one who visits my wishlist!!

Happy holidays and a bright new year.
Beautiful art work.
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