I'm in the New York Times!
I am in an article about artist entrepreneurs today on page B3 (in the Business Section) of the New York Times! Here's a link to the article online!

We were all so excited, we ran out early this morning and bought up all the NY Times copies that they had at Starbucks!


Great article!!!
Congrats! I saw that yesterday!!! :) That's so cool!!!
wow wow wow! so super cool! congrats and happy thanksgiving!
Congratulations! You deserve it.
Congratulations. I will pick up a copy.
Congrats..interesting article :)
WAY TO GO! I am so excited and proud. You are the wave of the future. Thanks for my bday lunch. Looking forward to celebrating yours soon.
Super duper Claudine!
I was also excited to find out that your paint line is not tested on animals. Yay. I emailed Ranger to ask them. Now I just have to make an international order! Andrea
Awesome article -- congratulations on so many levels! Think I need to do a little reading up on this...

Thanks Claudine!
Congrats, That is so EXCITING!!! Great article.
Congratulations! It's a great article :)
Great article.
Way to go!! Glad to see you get good publicity like that in a national newspaper. Have a great remainder of your holiday weekend.
Oh WOW, too cool! So happy for you! :)
What a great thrill. Congrats!
that is so stinkin cool, claudine! yay!!!
You rock Ms Hellmuth!! Congratulations. Tell your mom "hi"
Superb information and excellent publicity! Congrats Claudine & have safe travels this weekend!
that is so awesome! good for you!
what a fantastic article. you are definitely a role model for artists who want to make a living doing what they love! that includes me!
I just read the article which took me to all the facets of your wondrous career. Totally inspiring. Congratulations!
Nice article. Hope you get some business as a result.
ava, cottagerca
How cool is that! Congratulations - it's a great article :)
Way to go Claudine! That's awesome!

Congrats! Saw this on another blog site, so I just had to check out your blog when I got a sec - it is too fun!
congrats! that is so exciting! nadine
Congrats !! It's an excellent and inspirational article :)
Claudine, you are an inspiration to us all to reach for the stars! You go girl! Your picture should have been in the article as your smile is radiant and brings sunshine!!!
I totally agree about the photo.

congrats on the article. small world ~ I attended the GW program too, in 1997!

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