win a pack of sticky-back!
Just for fun! Let's have a giveaway today! Post a comment to be entered to win a pack of Claudine Hellmuth Sticky Back Canvas!

Sticky-Back is my new self adhesive canvas that you can
paint, print, sew, stamp, emboss, die cut and more! I tried it in the Cuttlebug at the Ranger offices and it was amazing. I have to get one of those machines!

If you are near Topsfield Mass., Absolutely Everything just got my products in stock! Also available at AC Moore stores everywhere and select Michael's Craft Stores!

Those of you in the Raleigh NC area, I'll be teaching 3 classes at the Jerry's Artarama event Nov 14-16th. They will also have a FREE trade show open to the public and Ranger will be there with all the fabulous Ranger products including stuff from my line!

If you're in the San Jose CA area, Scrap Lovers has my product in their store and also in their online store too!

And a reminder Nov 22nd I'll be doing a demo event at A Happy Stamper in VA!

Post a comment below and I'll select one winner at random on Sunday night to win a free pack of Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky Back Canvas!

EDITED SUNDAY Nov 2nd 2:30PM - I'll be picking a winner using the random number generator tonight at 8pm EST. I'll update this blog post with the winner so check back!

! Chosen using the Random number generator - Colleen Cavanaugh is the winner of the pack of sticky back canvas! Colleen email me with your address and I will get this out to right away!
Thanks everyone for playing. I'll have more giveaways soon so stay tuned!

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another monday in a nutshell
Today I:
  • got very little sleep because Toby kept us up 1/2 the night
  • rushed Toby to vet early, discovered he has an ear infection
  • was exhausted because of the rain and Toby keeping us awake
  • worked on custom artwork orders
  • figured out Martha Stewart Show submissions that I have to wrap up this week!
  • met Melissa from Capitol Hill Arts Workshop at Love Cafe to donate a piece of art for their auction gala
  • got paperwork ready for acupuncture appt tomorrow. Hoping it will help my migraines.
  • packed up custom orders for shipping
  • emails, emails and more emails
  • returned phone calls
  • watched Heroes!


weekend's over
The weekend sped by as usual. Saturday it was crazy rainy here so Paul and I took the opportunity to do one of the things we like the least. Go to the Mall. Both of hate shopping so it was a dreaded task. We needed to buy sweaters and a coat for Paul. We are totally unprepared for cooler weather. Then I got a new keyboard for my MAC because I broke ours last week when I spilled water on it. We had a successful shopping trip and found a bunch of sweaters at Old Navy.

Saturday night we met up with some friends of the family in Georgetown for dinner. Then we went to Georgetown Cupcake. Yum yum! I had the Red Velvet cupcake and it was amazing. We have now had cupcakes from Cake Love, Hello Cupcake and Georgetown Cupcake and we both agree Georgetown Cupcake is the best of all 3!

Today Tonilyn and Jim came over to do a filming/interview in my studio for the Crafty Nation web site which will launch soon! That was super fun!

This week is going to be a busy week! See you Monday!


mark your calendars!
I'll be at A Happy Stamper in Reston VA Nov 22nd from 1-3pm giving a free demo and meet-n-greet to celebrate the launch of my Claudine Hellmuth Studio product line with Ranger. For those of you in the Reston VA area -- A Happy Stamper has all the paints, the mediums, brushes and sticky-back canvas in stock now!

I just got word that AC Moore Stores also have the Sticky-Back canvas in stock, nationwide too! At this time they are only carrying the Sticky-back and not the paints or the Multi-medium.

The full product line will also be online at the Somerset Shoppe soon too!

I am working away on Martha Stewart Show submissions. I just got word that they want more goodies from me for my submission. So I am working feverishly to get everything done in time. Hoping they like what I come up with and I can make it on the show again!

have a great weekend everyone!


I finally gave in and joined Facebook today. Of course my Mom had a Facebook page a long time ago - she's always ahead of me on techy stuff! I resisted and resisted but gave in to peer pressure now I am there!See you tomorrow!
making time to make tiny little things
This week feels really busy! Busier than the usual REALLY busy pace. This week feels CRAZY busy! I have been in a flurry of emailing, returning phone calls and making art as fast as I can. Against my better judgment I have joined a miniature swap - as IF I time to be doing this!

I met Amy (from Inspire Co) a few weeks ago when I first moved here and she told me about this miniature swap, called Club Little House that she hosts. I got so excited! (see previous swaps from Club Little House here)

I immediately thought of all the mini things I used to make for my Barbies in their Dream House. I loved Barbies!! When I was about 6 or 7 I made a fireplace out of an old Jello box and glued on tiny rocks that I gathered from the driveway (can you tell this was the early 80's when rock covered fireplaces were all the rage)! I made a mantle out of a little piece of wood and added "flames" with colored tissue.

I loved making tiny food for my Barbies out of that clay that you make out of flour. It was so exciting! I remember the thrill of making things just to MAKE things. Sometimes I forget that with my long list of things-to-do.

As soon as Amy sent out the announcement about this swap I was IN. Do I have time to be doing this - not really. But it's reminding me of my childhood and the little spark of creating things just for fun, so I think maybe that it's that I don't have the time NOT to do it. Because that is what creativity is all about right?

What am I going to make for this swap? I have an idea! Now to see if it works! I'll keep you updated!
monday in a nutshell
Today I:
  • updated my web site
  • tried to make a PDF form, got annoyed with Acrobat and gave up after 45min
  • worked on custom artwork orders for the holidays
  • walked to the DHL drop off place and the post office
  • unpacked my Sedona supply boxes that arrived back home today
  • made a list of supplies for my North Carolina class in just a few weeks
  • worked on a color chart using my new paints
  • broke my MAC keyboard by spilling water on it :(
  • made an appt with the acupuncturist for next week
  • emails, emails and more emails
  • watched Heroes


this weekend
This weekend was pretty relaxing. Saturday, we went to the Eastern Market and had an amazing Nutella and Banana Crepe from one of the street stands. So yummy! Worth going back just for that! Then we had dinner at Rice with Tonilyn and her husband. Great company and the best Thai ever!

Today Paul played soccer, I worked on some custom artwork orders, did some packing and shipping, emailing etc.

It's chilly here so Paul and I are starting to get paranoid about the winter. Right now it's a high of 57 which is what we used to have on a very cold Florida Winter day. We know it's only going to get colder and it's stressing us out! I have the Winter Silks catalog and am picking out all the long underwear shirts to keep us warm. I think Toby might need a little doggie jacket too!

A linky shout out to Michelle who used the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints to paint her jeans. They came out amazing! Thanks for posting what you did with the paints Michelle!

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claudine hellmuth studio line update
Thanks to Brenda Pinnick for using my new Claudine Hellmuth STUDIO products from Ranger on her blog. She did a great project showing how to use the Sticky Back Canvas to create moveable wall art! Check it out on her blog here!

I know so many of you are looking to find the paints! I have been getting tons of emails. Thank you so much for your patience! They are being shipped as we speak, I promise. You can check with your local craft stores to see if they will carry the line. If they aren't planning to carry it, maybe you can talk them into it ;)

The Somerset Studio Shoppe will carry the entire line (not online in their store yet) and Suze Weinberg is taking pre-orders from her store right NOW.

This is the list of the Michael's Craft stores that are carrying the Sticky Back Canvas as a test market. If it sells well at these stores they will bring it to others! Fingers crossed!

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catching up
I feel like I've been racing against the clock trying to catch up with everything that piled up while I was away. So much to do and so little time! I'm off to rest my achy head, I have had the most annoying migraine on and off since Tuesday and it's driving me crazy. It seems to go away for about 6 hours each day and then come back. I can't even fend it off with my usual drugs. ugh! It's back again so time to rest!

PS did anyone watch Project Runway? I am happy Leanne won!
happy birthday mom!
A big happy 70th birthday to my Mom! I love you so much!


Here's a photo of the two of us that was taken at my Sedona AZ workshop this week! We are wearing the matching hoodies that we ran out to buy because it was so cold. All we brought were warm-weather clothes and we were freezing to death. Thank you so much to Cheri for taking this great pic!!!
red rock country here i come!
I'll be headed off early, crazy early (4:30am) in the morning to catch a flight to Arizona I'll meet up with my Mom in the Phoenix airport and then we'll head to Sedona for my 4 day workshop at the Sedona Arts Center! I haven't seen my Mom since August so I am super excited for this trip!

This is my first time where I have shipped everything in advance and I am bringing nothing but my carry on case. So far I am really liking this method. Two weeks ago, I packed everything up and shipped it off, whereas normally the night before I leave to teach I am racing around packing everything. This feels oddly relaxed. All I have to do is pack my clothes! And now with the airlines charging for even the first bag that you check it won't even cost me much more than it would to fly with all this stuff. We'll see how it works out shipping everything back! Maybe next year I'll do this for all my trips!

I was so annoyed, UsAir wouldn't let me select seats when I booked my flights, so I checked in this morning and paid extra for a window seat because there are no aisle seats left. Only 2 window seats and the rest were all middle seats. gasp! 5 hours with a middle seat, no way! I am hoping I might be able to get an aisle seat once I get to the airport tomorrow.

Today I have been racing around sending out emails, tying up lose ends. A trip to the Post office and lots of laundry. I still need to throw some clothes into my suitcase and then download some this American Life Episodes to my ipod.

I'll try to blog from the road, but after teaching each day I'll be enjoying much needed time with my Mom. I will be
updating my Twitter from my cell phone. Follow my trip via Twitter here. Or in the sidebar right here on my blog!

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home from Ranger U
I'm back from NJ and Ranger U where we all had a great time! Everyone was so cheery and excited, it was a treat to be there!

This morning I got up early to drive back to DC, then had a huge nap, I was worn out and I didn't even teach all weekend like Tim did! I only had a 3 hour segment on Friday. So I have no idea why I am so worn out!

I am trying to rest up inbetween getting work done -- on Thursday at 5am I leave to go to Sedona AZ to teach a 4 day collage intensive workshop. I love, love, love teaching at the Sedona Arts Center. It's great to have 4 days with the same group of attendees and we really get to know each other and there's plenty of time to be creative! Plus my mom will be meeting me out there too!!

After Sedona I will be in Raleigh NC at the Jerry's Artarama Event
November 14-16th.. Just about all the supplies are provided by Ranger for this event so you hardly have to bring a thing. What a treat!

I'll be teaching 3 one-day classes.

Classes are: Adventures in Color, Waxing Poetic and Collage Discovery Workshop.

Click on each of the above class titles for more information and to register for that class! There are a few spaces still available so sign up soon before spaces are filled. It's only a month away! wow! how did that happen!?

Linky shout outs to Leandra of Paper Artsy who used my Claudine Hellmuth Studio Products in a project on her blog. Love what she did with metal and the Sticky Back canvas! And Dyan has some great ATCs on her blog as well! Thanks for the blog posts ladies!

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day one of Ranger U
Today was the first day of Ranger U! We started early at 8:45am, then everyone gets their boxes of goodies and supplies, a tour of the warehouse to see the manufacturing process (love watching the Stickles coming off the conveyor belt!) then it's time to get to the good part!

The Techniques!

Suze started the day with her segment on the Melting Pot and Utee and I was in the 2nd half of the day! Everyone got to play with the entire Claudine Hellmuth Studio product line, learn a few of my very favorite techniques and then we made a fun little project! After was a grill-out at Ranger and now I am beat!

I'm all done teaching, but I'll still be here at Ranger until Monday morning! It has gotten cold up here in NJ! Brr!!!

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now in Michael's Craft stores!
Great news! I got word from Ranger that my Sticky Back Canvas is now at select Michael's stores in the USA!

Only a handful of stores will carry it as a test run. Full list is posted below.

If they test it and it is a success then they may pick up the rest of my product line! (Fingers crossed)

If you do go to Michael's -- the placement should be over by the scrapbooking and paper craft aisles.


Michael's Craft Store
846 Northeast Mall Dr
Hurst TX 76053

Michael's Craft Store
579 Troy-Schenectady Rd
Latham NY 12110

Michael's Craft Store
628 W Hammer Ln
Glen Allen VA 23059

Michael's Craft Store
4621 S. Meridian St Ste A905
Puyallup WA 98373

Michael's Craft Store
7941 W Tropical Pkwy
Las Vegas NV 89149

Michael's Craft Store
2001 W. Ash St
Columbia MO 65203

Michael's Craft Store
10300 Silverdale Way Ste 15
Silverdale WA 98383

Michael's Craft Store
2021 Okeechobee Blvd
West Palm Beach Fl 33409

Michael's Craft Store
2800 SW 24th Ave Ste 300
Ocala FL 34474


Michael's Craft Store
3991 Hollis St
Emeryville CA 94608

Michael's Craft Store
2715 E Bidwell St
Folsom CA 95630

Michael's Craft Store
4511 Mitchellville Rd
Bowie MD 20716

Let's not forget the independent stores! If you have a store and you are carrying my product line, post your store address below so we can find you!!

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