this weekend
This weekend was pretty relaxing. Saturday, we went to the Eastern Market and had an amazing Nutella and Banana Crepe from one of the street stands. So yummy! Worth going back just for that! Then we had dinner at Rice with Tonilyn and her husband. Great company and the best Thai ever!

Today Paul played soccer, I worked on some custom artwork orders, did some packing and shipping, emailing etc.

It's chilly here so Paul and I are starting to get paranoid about the winter. Right now it's a high of 57 which is what we used to have on a very cold Florida Winter day. We know it's only going to get colder and it's stressing us out! I have the Winter Silks catalog and am picking out all the long underwear shirts to keep us warm. I think Toby might need a little doggie jacket too!

A linky shout out to Michelle who used the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints to paint her jeans. They came out amazing! Thanks for posting what you did with the paints Michelle!

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Hi Claudine...

oh wow banana nutella crepes sound great! hope it doesn't get too too cold for you.....

So you can use your paint on material? without any fabric medium?
Oh my...if you think 57 degrees is'd better buy plenty of those winter silks.
Having been a New Englander all my life, I can tell you that it's gonna get a whole lot colder!
Love the Winter Silks long undies. I had a pair and it lasted almost 10 years!

Thanks for the shout out on the jeans! I wore them to work today.

I've taken to eating a piece of chocolate before I read your blog. You make everything you eat sound so good and I don't need to run to the fridge.
I also would like to know if your paint can be used on fabric.
diana and burgundy belle

yes yes! the CH Studio paints can be used on fabric. Used at full strength they do change the "hand" of the fabric but if you water down they will leave the fabric nice and soft!

I have not tested with numerous washings but have washed painted fabric a couple times with good results!
i'm so in love with your paint since Ranger U! i use them in all my canva&s art projects and my petite dolls now! i love how they mix with glaze and perfect pearls! yummie resluts!! one of my highlight finds at Ranger!
love what Michelle did with her jeans!!!

gr tanya
Hi Claudine!
My sister lives just a couple of blocks from the Eastern Market and used to serve on their board. Isn't it the coolest place? We visit in DC regularly - I think you are going to love it there.
I was visiting your blog to look for sticky back canvas ideas. I bought a package on Monday and can't wait to use it! Thanks for all that you do.
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