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I think it happened last week. Suddenly, I felt more in tune with living here in DC. Instead of feeling like I was trying to like living here. I was liking it! yay!

I have made some small changes to my schedule that has helped me settle in. Now in the morning instead of sleeping in, I get up and get ready so I can walk with Paul a little bit to work. Getting out and about has really helped to make me feel more at home here. I love looking in all the shops and picking up milk on the way back etc.


This is a row house that is around the corner from our building. This one is on W street and I love the way it looks with the painting on the side. I lust after these rowhouses. Every day when I walk Toby by them, I think I want one, I want one! I can imagine living there and tending to the little garden in front. I even decorate the inside in my head. I just need a lot (a lot!!!) of money to have one! Still, it's fun to dream!

Tonight we are going to have dinner at our neighbors apartment down the hall. They moved in just two weeks after we did and we kept running into them and chatting up a storm so now we are meeting up. Paul picked up a 1/2 dozen cupcakes from Hello Cupcake and we are bringing them over.


wow, good for you! I bet it helps to live in an area with stuff going on around you. Good idea to get out like that in the morning. I need that!
That is SO cute!!! There are some over here (Albuquerque) right down the street from my building that I *love* and they are not even as cute as your *dream* rowhouse! I love decorating in my head, too! It's always nice to have an idea for the future!
My grandmother had a beautiful rowhouse in Georgetown in DC over on T St. N.W.

My dad was born and raised there... when my grandmother passed away none of us grandchildren had enough money to purchase it and my dad had no interest in buying his boyhood home. Sadly it was sold...ah well...I have wonderful memeories and pictures...

Loved DC! But I wasn't there full time only two weeks a month, every month. So much to see & do! Hope you get your dream row house one of these days!!
Those houses are too cute! Glad to hear you are adjusting to your new city. Perhaps you started looking at the cool new things you had instead of thinking about what you lost! Gratitude is everything!

My sister brought us cupcakes from Hello Cupcake today. They were good! She bought the Mayan ones. Spicy chocolate. You should try those.

I dream about having a house too. So expensive in our area.
These houses are so charming. Every time I drive into the city (Chicago) I see houses like this and wish I could have one of my very own too. Good to hear you're feeling more settled in. Those cupcakes sound divine - what lucky neighbors!
Oh, those buildings are incredible! We always fantasize about living in one with a roof-top to hang out on. Yep, dreamin' big over here in Indiana. Thanks for the note, Rock's spot is doing ok for now, but I see a biopsy in the future so my brain can stop worrying. Have a great week!
I'd love that walk and would have imagine the same things except I might imagine a gardener to tend the garden.
What a cool new neighborhood!
i am glad you are digging our neighborhood. i have to say that i haven't paid attention to that house and the side artwork. groovy. will have to do the next time i am out walking or riding my bike. have fun discovering more of u street.
I love that kind of cityscape. It's part of the reason I studied Urban Geography :) Buildings inspire me.

You are so lucky to live in such an area. And Hello Cupcake?? Now, that just sounds devine!! I think I need to move :) LOL

Glad you are starting to enjoy your new "digs"!
Claudine -- your row house, will it have polka dots on the side? That will be soooooooo cool!
Hi Claudine! It's Toni Lyn of - So glad you're here in DC! We would love to have you on the show! Watch the episode we did with Margot, she's a great friend! Shoot me an email at or twitter me! I follow you and love your stuff. Look forward to hearing from you! TL

yes!! yes!! polkadots!!!
Good for you! It's great what a little tweak to your routine can do to your perspective... hearing about your experience is definitely motivating. (Unrelated, but - my word verification for posting this comment is "cowjhole" - cow hole? hahaha)
That si a lovely 'set' of row houses!! Thanks so much for sharing them, and for sharing your life. I love reading about your transition to DC and seeing your lovely home.

I just got your "Beyond the unexpected" book, and it is AWESOME!! I certasinly wish to commission my own piece someday with you, BUT this book gives me some great tools to create my OWN style of poppet-like collage art!! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and ideas with us.
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