7 years ago today
Seven years ago today Paul and I got married! At our wedding we had those typical kodak cameras that you put on the table. We never did get around to getting them developed. After the wedding there were so many pictures we got sick of looking at wedding photos so we put the cameras away in a drawer.


Two years went by and then I found the cameras. But it was 2003 and Paul's Mom had just passed away and it seemed too emotional to develop them. So we closed the drawer and forgot about them. A couple more years went by and I thought, let's get them developed for our 5th wedding anniversary. But then I forgot until later in the year by which time it seemed like a better idea to wait. And so it goes. Now we are at 7 years and I finally dropped them off to be developed!

We'll see what is on them. probably nothing, I think the nephews had these cameras most of the time so there are probably a lot of photos of floors and chair legs. I am secretly hoping there will be special photo of Paul's Mom, one that we can share today and remember her.

I'll get them later today and I'll let you know how or if they even turn out!

Got the photos back! All of them came out and it was so much fun going down memory lane looking at the wedding pix. We didn't get that special photo we were hoping for, but it was fascinating to see how everyone has changed over the years. Who had babies, had gotten married. etc etc. I think everyone should save a disposable camera to develop 7 years later! A new wedding tradition!

what a great story! i still have some cameras from when the kids were little, you've inspired to get them developed too! yes,w e have gobs already,bu tnow that they are grown they will be even more meaningful!!

congrats to you for your anniversary!!!
Congrats on the anniversary! Hope you find some treasures in those cameras!
Congratulations on your 7th year anniversary! I hope for endless more for you both.

I am so curious to see what is on the undeveloped film!
Congratulations...hope you get some great photos!!
p.s. Husband and I just celebrated 22 years on Saturday.
I am so sure you will have a wonderful gem in the photos that get developed. I used those same cameras at my sister's wedding 8 yrs ago. It was wonderful to see the wedding from so many different perspectives.
I think that is better than getting them developed right away. What a great story. I hope they turn out. :)
what a great story! congratulations on your anniversary...enjoy sharing your memories with your new photos!
That is so funny. I am looking at some of those same cameras in my house. It will be six years for us on the 28th. I keep hoping to get a picture of my sister and I together. Can you believe it...not one picture of just her and I, and she was my maid of honor. I hope you get the picture you are hoping for.
That is just so cool how you waited to develop these! Sort of like a little surprise present for your anniversary! Congratulations and best wishes for many many many more wonderful years!
next week Lenny and I will have our 45th anniversary...can you imagine how skinny we both were back then and oh...the hair! Now I'm gonna go find the ole wedding album and sit and have a real doozy of a laugh!
Congratulations ! And what a fun tradition that could be ! Reminds me to dig out the few disposible cameras I still have stored away - that I've shot sometime but no idea when ! Wonder what is on them too...the magic of film ! :)
Picture Fred Flinstone singing this:

Happ-y Ann-i-ver-sar-y...Happ-y Ann-i-ver-sar-y..Happ-y Ann-i-ver-sar-y....haaap-y anniversary!

Luv, Patti
What a great story! I love this! :) I should go back and look at our wedding photos again just for a walk down memory lane! :)
HUGE congrats to you both! rich and i just celebrated five years on the 6th, i keep forgetting how close we are. hugs, rachel
Same anniversary date!! different year (WAY different) but it was a lucky day wasn't it?
happy anniversary. many blessings.
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