to my mom
Today my mom is retiring from a 52 year career as a journalist and editor.


I am posting this photo again because I can't resist. It is one of my all time favorites. This is my Mom early in her journalism career when she was in Johannesburg working for the Sunday Express. She's sitting on the shoulders of Mr Universe!

Lisa Cianci wrote a touching write up about my Mom on the Mom's at Work blog. Thank you Lisa!

I am so proud of you Mom!! Here's to an exciting new chapter in your life!!
Wow, what a great article. you must be so proud of her, and she of you!!! Congrats to her!!!
Hello Claudine,

I also love this awesome photo, thanks for posting it!
Happy for your Mom as well.

~ Gabriela ~
Congrats to your mom. That's quite a milestone!!!
Love the pic too!
wow your mom is an amazing person. what a totally cool career to have.
Claudine, I only know your mom from hearing you talk about her, and through her occasional blog posts, but I think she's the greatest! XOXO to both of you!
Melissa L. in Portland
Congrats to your mom! What a great article - she sounds like an incredible woman.
What a wonderful tribute to your mom, and yes...terrific picture!
Hi, Claudine! What a nice way to acknowledge your mom and celebrate her career.

By the way, I've given you an award on my blog, Gaal Creative (just click through my name to see it)! I am so inspired by you and I think you deserve this recognition! :-)
and now I see where you inherited your gorgeous looks and tenaciousness...lucky you...lucky mom. A new step forward for both of you...her new teaching job and your move to DC...very exciting!
What a great write up. Your mom is amazing (like daughter). And I love seeing that photo as much as you love posting it.
Oh, this is a great photo and a great article! Thanks for sharing it! :) So touching. :)
Thank you for all your kind words -- of course Claudine is my greatest achievement but I've loved every moment of my career as a reporter and editor. Now on to new things - started teaching a reporting 101 class at UCF this morning. The kids in the class seem very bright and interested. At least they didn't fall asleep...

Love you darling. Mummy
Your mom is gorgeous and I love that photo. I can see where you get that beautiful smile. I bet she is as proud of you as you are of her.
Congrats to your Mom. Hopefully retirement will allow her lots of DC visits to you. I love when you write about your mom -- I miss mine. And good luck with being on Martha again (fingers crossed!).
Annie from NY
Congrats to your Mom! My Mom was a Journalist too and I so can relate to her awesomeness. My Mom has similiar pictures but these are mostly of the cartons that she received from famous cartoonists!
what a wonderful shot Claudine!! love it
Wow, you look just like your mom! What a fantastic picture. Congratulations, Claudine's mom!
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