studio visit!
I took a few photos of my newly set up studio today. This is as clean as it will ever look ever again so I thought I should document it!


This is the "art side" of my studio/office. The bamboo rug on the floor is to cover up as much carpet as possible. I hate carpet but this apartment has it in the 2 bedrooms (thankfully there are wood floors in the living room). So this is the next best thing! Even though there's lots of natural light, I still have my 3 Ott Lites. Love the pink one! The cork board I got a few years ago from Ballard Design. The table (really 2 folding tables together) is covered with a giant sheet of the Ranger non-Stick Craft Sheet that I was lucky enough to get from them. I love it in this giant size, I can scrape away all my mess at the end of each project!


Close-up view of the giant bulletin board above my art table. I can't use thumb tacks in the cork because Stanley takes them down and tries to eat them. So that's why there are all those pieces of tape on there!


I love plastic bins. These ones fit in great in this cheap shelving I got from Service Merchandise about 10 years ago. Does Service Merchandise even exist anymore?


This is the "office side" of the studio with the computer and my favorite copying machine (Canon PC940) on the left. This copier was carried resting on pillows in our Honda all the way up from FL because I would be so sad if anything happened to it.


I'm really proud of this part! This is a closet in the studio that I turned into my packing and shipping area. So now I have a space for all my shipping supplies + a table to pack the boxes on and my workshop suitcases fit in too. I used to do all my packing and shipping on our dining table, but now we don't have that anymore so this works out even better!


Toby relaxing on the carpet! He's the one member of the family who really likes the carpet!


Hi Claudine, I love your new space. I juse re-did my work area as well so I know how daunting it can be. Can you tell me where you got your desk chair? I have been looking for something similar.

Hi Claudine!
Glad you are settling in. I love the bamboo rug idea! We are renting and have carpet too, yuck! I might have to do this in my studio! :)
It looks amazing!

the desk chair is from Ikea! I was excited to find a wicker office chair!
Claudine, you space is amazing! I can just imagine you working away in here with all your babies settling in around you. Glad the move is going well and that you're getting settled in your new digs.
I loved your posting! Thanks for sharing your beautiful space, I bet you will have so much inspiration there! If you ever teach on line, please let me know, for I am really interested in your workshops, they look so much fun!! ;D
Toby appears to be quite happy on his little bit of carpet! The studio looks great, and I love that bamboo rug.
I love your new studio space, it is so light and airy. Your packing and shipping area is ingenious.

It certainly looks like Toby has found himself a comfy spot on the carpet..too cute!
Yay! Great job! I love your studio and I hope that someday I can come over and play and meet your babies! And that Ranger sheet on your desk? Mamma mia, how fab! :)
First time visitor here, you blog is very attractive and your office is a thing to be envied! Very nice. I'll stop in from time to time.

Marvin D Wilson, Author
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Your studio is so cheerful and cozy. What a heavenly space to work in!
what a wonderful space...colorful, bright, cozy, cheerful....a place where fabulous art will be created ! You have really pulled it all together so well.

I am glad to see that you are finally established in your new studio. It looks fantastic! You seem to be a very well organized lady.

~ Gabriela ~
Great Space! Looks good and it is functional. My hats off to you for making a small space work.
Claudine, your studio looks GREAT! Love how you set it up, and I REALLY LOVE the mega craft sheet. Ranger should sell that size! Love the photo of Toby too...he is just the cutest!!!
love your new studio! you look SO organized...sigh...someday i'll be organized...

Isn't DC the best?? My grandmother lived there and I grew up going there for holidays and summer trips...she lived in Georgetown and I have such fond memories. My dad was born and raised there.

so glad you are settling in and finding your way.

darling c!
catching up on your blog - looks like you've had a lot going on! so hello and i'm going to get back to reading now :)
Claudine, the studio looks great! I love the amount of light you get in that room... that in itself is inspirational!
Thanks so much for sharing all the pictures of your new workspace. It looks like a great place to create. I love the shipping closet.
Now it seems that you're truly settled in. Your work space looks very, workable and cute.
I don't think that Service Merchandice exists any more. We bought our wedding rings there many moons ago. Also isn't it amazing the little things we give up for our beloved pets? No thumbtacks.....The hardest thing for me to give up for our cats was tinsel on the Christmas tree.
Your workshop/studio is beautiful Claudine :) I just wanted to say how excited I am about your new paint lines - the colours look awesome! I am really hoping you will be shipping to England as I NEED THEM! Kindest regards Julie.
Thanks for showing us your space. It's fun to see where the creative magic happens. I love your bulletin board and am thinking of putting one up too!
What a beautiful space!! You made me chuckle when your mentioned Service Merchandise. I don't think they are in business anymore. Used to shop there a lot too.
Thanks Claudine! I will make a bee line for Ikea!

Can't believe all you have done in the two weeks since I left. Amazing.

Claudine, I loved seeing your studio pictures, it is so inspiring to see how a small room can be transformed into an efficient work space. You're amazing! (I'm trying to figure out how to do it in my own overcrowded space...) Congratulations on your transition and new projects!
great studio set up - but Toby steals the show - I could just kiss on that fuzzy muzzle!
Beautiful studio, Claudine! Thanks for sharing your clever ideas--fab shipping area.
Wow! I can't believe you have your studio all organized-it looks wonderfully warm, light, and inviting. I love the photos that let us "peek" around the room. Lots of good inspiration!
thanks so much for the super nice comments about my studio!!! So glad you like it!
Love your studio set up. It looks so fresh and inviting.
looks like you are settling in just fine!
I just came across your blog and had to tell you how wonderful your studio setup looks!! So inspiring - it looks like a great place to create. And your little dog is super cute too! :)
Your STUDIO looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I am dreaming of just such a place for an upcoming move :)
Stopping by to say hello..simply cannot believe how neat your studio is ...good thing you documented that! Mine is always got so many projects going on it is not ever neat. Found you on Anne's blog so wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am a designer who licenses her artwork to manufacturers, does product development and lives near Boston, Ma.
stop by and say hello!

You're new studio is amazing. I really love the flowers you made out of the sticky canvas.
Hi Claudine!
My husband and I have lived in a home that is 750 sq. ft. for over 20 years now...we raised two boys and now it's just us (well, us and my craft supplies!) It's amazing to me that my supplies take up more space than my two children did! Anyway, I admire your efficient and clever use of your 700 sq. ft. I really love the whimsical style of your place...very cool!

Good luck settling in! I know a new, unfamiliar place can leave you feeling a bit disoriented!

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