martha stewart preview video
The fabulous Jane Wynn emailed me this morning to let me know I'm in the new Martha Stewart commercial promoting the new season!

They clipped out segments from the last season where guests say the word "big" and I'm on one of the clips! Pretty neat that I made it into the clip amongst all the famous people!

Maybe they had a hard time finding guests who said the word "big" and so that's how I made it in there! I wouldn't have liked to be that video editor going through all the old reels to find guests who said "big". I bet that took forever! LOL!!!

click here to see the preview video.

I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed I can get on the new season. My submission is at their offices, all it needs now is Martha's approval. Yikes!


Yeah! I paused it on cool..that's cause YOU'RE cool !
and don't sweat it....they'll select could they not !
That is SO exciting! I can't wait to see it!

You go girl! Well deserved.
Good luck!

~ Gabriela ~
So glad you said "big." It was meant to be.
I know!! I totally saw that! I've been seeing you for quite a while now but didn't know how to tell you. I'm so glad someone who had your email did! I almost emailed Becky to have her tell you! I was pointing at the TV and telling my dd...hey, I know her...that
s Claudine! Tee hee (like she knew who I meant! LOL!) Congrats on making the commercial/promo! :)
So tickled for ya!!!!

You are great~
& Bravo for saying the Magic word- BIG! Haaa!

My fingers and toes are crossed for the new season you-!

J a n e

(P.S. I am so excited to have quit my day job to be able to watch Martha in the mornings! haa!)
girl, you are in!!!!!! and that is what i call BIG!
Someday we'll all say "we knew her before she was so BIG...and a famous person".

Congrads, what fun!
That is so cool!!!
I hope that you get on this season too, keeping my toes crossed for you!
Very very cool.
How exciting to be part of the commercial! Good luck, I hope we get to see you on the new season too.
"BIG" news!!! Awesome!
I saw it the other day and I was like, that's MY GIRL!!!! Snaps!!!
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