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I got the new issue of Belle Armoire today. It was delayed because it went to my old address in Orlando. I am still working on all those address changes! I was super excited to see 3 altered T's that I sent in featured. And even a photo of the editor Jenny Doh wearing one of them!!


I was thrilled to hear that the Shoppe at Somerset Studio will be carrying my new line of products with Ranger in September.

Also in print, I discovered that I have a little bloggy mention in the back of Jennifer Perkins new book The Naughty Secretary Club: a working girl's guide to handmade jewelry.


This is a super fun, color-filled book. I am jewelry impaired when it comes to making anything wearable, but Jen's snazzy book got my wheels turning. There are some ideas I can't wait to try! And maybe you remember how much Mabel likes Jen's jewelry? Here's a photo of Mabel sporting the scissor necklace from Jen's shop!


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Fun! That is SO exciting!!!
I am so excited, finally i can buy your line of products. Yeah! Those t-shirts are so cute.
Claudine thanks for mentioning the book, you are the best! Your T-shirts look adorable.
Thank you, Claudine, for sharing your rockin' tees with readers of Belle Armoire. My staff and I had great fun modeling them! ;)
I missed like 3 posts! You have some wonderful updates, and it must be amazing to live two blocks from a farmer's market! Looks like DC is treating you right
You just get cooler by the minute !
The whole Ranger gang is coming here for a Bar B Q tonight and we'll toast one in your honor of your move, your article, your new paint line, your super cool T Shirts and whatever else we can think of.
We'll miss you!
If you decide to market your poppet t-shirts, I'd like some. You'd better be careful giving that cat scissors. You might find yourself elbowed out of the studio and we''l be checking the cats blog.
Hi Claudine,

Your new place looks fantastic, very organized. Why did you move back to DC? That's cool, I like DC better than Florida, too.

I love how big your cat is, he's like a mixture between my cat, Paddy, and Cynthia's cat, Frick (Paddy's markings and Frick's bigness). So cute!!!
where on EARTH do i get one of those tees??!!
Claudine, you totally rock!! I want that Yoga t-shirt!! How cool, how cool!!!!! :)
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