headed to DC!
We're almost ready to go. Still lots of packing that needs to be done, and lots of racing around, touch-up painting and things like that for the renters!

We head off officially on Saturday AM. Paul will drive the UHaul and I'll follow in our Honda with my Mom and Stanley, Mable and Toby! We'll spend one night on the road with all 3 pets, should be a fun experience. I hope they don't get too freaked out!

We don't have Internet anymore at home and won't be online again until Wednesday, if all goes well.

I'll be updating my Twitter from my cell phone. Follow my adventure via Twitter here. Or in the sidebar right here on my blog!

In my next post, I'll be a DC resident! See you soon!


You guys are going to have quite a trip, but it kind of sounds like fun! The going away pic is adorable.
Good luck in DC and have a safe journey!!

A fan in Toronto!
Have a safe trip Claudine, we'll be waiting to hear from you:)
Here's to an Exciting NEW Adventure!!!

(LOVE your Twitters! WOW are you busy! Ahhh... If I had half of your energy...)

Safe Trip!
j a n e
Drive careful! When I arrived in the DC area (Northern VA)from Oklahoma in 1979, I was driving a 65 mustang, and had it packed to the brim along with my three cats while hoping the moving van would show up in a timely manner. What an adventure. You will have fun here in the area although you will miss your home and folks. Safe journey!
Bye Claudine!
We'll miss you here in Florida, but hopefully we'll see you again in Bonita Springs or Tampa!

Drive safe!

Karin (from Naples)
Have a safe trip! We moved from Colorado to Texas last October, so I know how stressful a long distance move can be, especially with pets. Our poor cat had to stay in the cab of the UHaul when we stayed overnight in the hotel because the pet friendly rooms were all taken. We left him a litter box on the floor of the truck and his food and water on the other side of the floor. My hubby went out 2 or 3 times during the night to check on him and he was curled up fast asleep on the big thing to him I guess, but we didn't like it much. Thank goodness the weather was mild at the time, or I would have insisted on sneaking him into the hotel room. I felt so bad, it was like leaving one of my children to sleep in the truck :)
Good luck with the move - and check your new products out on Heidi Swapp's blog!
You're moving near me! Yay! I hadn't popped in on your blog lately so I didn't know the decision had been made, how exciting. You'll have to let me know sometime (once you're somewhat settled) where you are and what your living situation will be.

Also congrats on your studio line, you rock!
Take care, safe travels, etc!
P.S. I actually stopped by your blog to see if you were watching Project Runway! haha!
congrads on your move!! Its always nice to have a change of pace.

Today is my 100th post and a giveaway its up until Monday if you have time to stop on by!!
Good luck on your move !
I've been enjoying some of your videos on collage techniques..great resource !

Have fun! One of my favorite towns!!
Safe safe safe travels for all!!!! :)
Glad the move went well, chica!!
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