Headache. I don't think this Topamax stuff is working. I am about to give up on it. I really don't like having to take drugs every day especially if they don't work. Tomorrow I have a Craniosacral therapy appt. so maybe that will help. I hope so!!

And tomorrow night we are going to see John Edward the Crossing Over guy. I am so excited. We are hoping maybe Paul's Mom or Dad might stop in to say hi from the other side. Chances are slim, there will be like 300 people there. Still you never know!!!


Hi Claudine, sorry to hear the migraine medecine is not helping. As a fellow sufferer I know how debilitating constant headaches can be and I'm always impresse by the amount you manage to achieve in spite of them. Surely they'll come up with an effective treatment soon and I can only hope it will be in time to benefit both of us!
Hey Claudine,

I found that I had to take a fairly substantial dose of Topamax for it to work. They also tried to divide it up with part in the morning and part at night which didn't work at all for me. My neurologist finally switched me to something else.

It can be really horrible and I wish you lots of luck with your therapy. Here's to no more migraines!
Hello Claudine,

Is Craniosacral therapy is osteopathy? If so, go, go, go!
Osteopathy is extraordinary. A holistic approach of the human being. We are complex beings... We're fogetting the soul-body connection to often.

Tell us more about your John Edward meeting! :-)
Maybe he can do something for you migraine too?! (like Edgar Cayce).

Good luck!

sorry to hear about your migraines...they are so painful...Have fun at John Edwards...he is so funny in person...I would see him again if he would come back our
Have you been evaluated by a sleep disorders clinic?
Some people with chronic migraine headaches have obstructive sleep apnea. When the apnea is treated, the headaches either disappear, or reduce in intensity.
Sometimes TMJ problems can also be associated with
migraines to consult a maxillofacial surgeon for this---although, this sort of surgeon can also evaluate your skeleton and airway (obstructions)for issues that can be linked to sleep apnea. Thin people can also have sleep apnea. Good luck
thanks for all the migraine suggestions! believe me, we have looked at everything. from TMJ etc. I have had migraine for 21 years so we have tried just about everything! Or at least it feels like it!

I have decided to persevere with the Topamax and increase the dosage and see if that helps. We'll see. I am going to give it the full shot and go all the way so at least I will know if if it doesn't work and then i can cross that off the list.

John Edward was super fun. We didn't get a reading but it was great to see him person, it was just like th Tv show. There were over 1,000 people there. wowza! some amazing stories. Really cool stuff.
Be patient with the Topamax. I had to go to the maximum dosage before I saw results (400mg).I have been taking it for 4 years now. I tried every Migraine therapy there was and nothing worked. I still get headaches, but they are not as severe and I am able to take Excedrin to control them. Another bonus feature of Topamax if you are menopausal is it stops hot flashes!!!
Hi Claudine-
I usually am not a big blog stalker and hardly ever leave messages for folks I don't know...but I have suffered from migraines for years-tried Topomax (aka stupe-o-max), nortriptylene, you name it. The only thing that has worked is the estrogen patch. I don't know what your age is, but is you are even remotely close to menopause or perimenopause, it cold be all hormonal. The other thing I did was cut out onions, garlic, nuts, aged cheese, chocoalte, bananas, citrus, and the use of fabric softeners and scented detergents.
If you want the link to the pdf file for Migraine triggers you can email me-
Good luck! Becky
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