pics from my studio
Took some pics from my studio to share.........

studio stuff2
Here's a new updated photo of one corner of my studio. Note my new Ott Lite. This new one has a really long arm which is great because it extends over my table. Perfecto!

studio stuff1

A lovely side by side shot of moisturizer and magnetic paint. Who would have ever thought they would be together?

I added the moisturizer to my line up because I will be slathering it on all night tonight in an effort to make my hands look nice before the local PBS station comes here to do a little filming tomorrow. This stuff is amazing but I do think the name "Gloves in a Bottle" is unfortunate. It makes you think you are coating your hands with something to be removed later. When I first read the label I thought, it would be like a paraffin coating I would peel off when I was done painting. Am I the only person who thought this?? Trust me, this is not the case. This is a good moisturizer that will heal your paint covered hands. Ignore the icky sounding name.

Also in my studio is Magnetic Paint from Krylon! I can't wait to tell you what I have up my sleeve with this. I have to see if it works first!

studio stuff3

And lookie what the mailman brought me! I can't wait to play with my new Xyron machine. I have never had one before and I am too excited! As you can see I have all sorts of ideas involving magnets! Note the magnet insert that I got to go with it ;)

more later!!


i LOVE your studio!! it is organized, yet looks like you get down and dirty in there! i always thought the same thing about gloves in a bottle, peel it off later! mystery solved! have fun at your taping tomorrow!!!
I love how sunny your studio looks like, a great place to work!
I was confused about the Gloves In A Bottle thing, too! It looks like a bottle of spray on plaster.
Hi Claudine!
Your studio is wonderful! What a fun place to come and create. Will the PBS show only be shown locally? I would love to see it when it is aired.
Oh I like your studio. The photo is great, but I want to poke around and see what projects and parts of projects you have around. Is there anything more satisfying than looking at someone else's studio?
You will love the xyron! It's my favorite thing!
Your studio is too cute!!!! I love it!!!
Hi Claudine,

I use a product like Gloves in a Bottle called "Invisible Care". If you put the stuff on your hands before you paint (actually, any time if you forget) and then put MORE ON *before* you wash your hands (washing with soap and water and I scrub off with a paper towel, rag or baby wipes), the stuff helps to take the paint OFF your hands. It is awesome awesome stuff! The Invisible care is SO much cheaper then Gloves in a Bottle and no icky allergic reactions for me in all of the years I've used it. (I get it at the local art supply store. NO affiliation with 'em.).
Hope this helps,
OOPS-Sorry Claudine! I was logged in under my son's blogger account. LOL
Hope the info on how the hand cream works helps.

Gee- I thought I would get some really cool latex gloves that fit like a....well... a glove!!

(I thought the same thing you did!)
Your studio is adorable. I love your work!!

Your studio is so sunny and so beautifully organized. I am inspired! For whatever reason I have decided that the time is NOW to turn my art room (meaning I store art things there) to a studio (meaning I won't have to clean up the dining table when I'm in the middle of a project!) Seeing lovely spots like this is getting all my juices going! Thank you!

to me the Gloves in the Bottle doesn't make it any easier to get the paint off, but it does make your hand softer and make the damage from the paint less. Really repairs all the damage that I do to my hands during the day and prevents more damage.
Your studio looks much more organized then mine...I love it!!!
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