group show at the art league of daytona beach!
Mark your calendars Central Floridians!

This Sunday, April 6th from 1-4pm will be the opening reception of a group show titled "StoryTellers" at the Art League of Daytona Beach.

At the opening the artists will have tables there in addition to the exhibit and I will have one too! With a few books and various items for sale for that day only! Stop by even if it's just to say hi and chit chat!

Artists exhibiting include, Diana Barringer, Roben-Marie Smith, Brenda Ambrosino, Gail Russakov, and myself!

The exhibit will run through May 1st

Art League of Daytona Beach
433 South Palmetto Ave
Daytona Beach Fl 32114

PS. The local PBS Arts Connection filming went well. Kristen the host was such a sweetie and so nice! The camera guy was really easy going and didn't get all worried about the lighting like most camera guys seem to do. We were able to work with the blinds open! gasp!! When they filmed here for HGTV they were like "those blinds must close!!!" and then they muttered about the blinds for awhile. So I was very surprised the blinds could stay open and we had natural lighting. who knew!? oh!!! And they didn't mind that I wore tiny polka dots. I am glad I wore that shirt on this TV show because I'll probably never be allowed to wear it on any other show.

Afterwards I kept asking Paul over and over again," did I sound OK? are you sure I sounded OK?"

I think those things are like a big party where you have a good time while you are there chatting away but then later you go home and think about what you said and analyze it and wonder if it was stupid. Paul swears it was fine!
I'll let you know when it is going to air and there will also be an internet version for non locals. yay!


If Paul says it was was fine! Hubby's know! smiles, andra
Sounds GREAT....kudos to you !!!!!
First of all - glad the taping went well - I agree, Paul has been to enough of these now o know if it went well! Besides, you are a natural!

Second, my mind is still back on the Gloves in a Bottle, and Invisible Care - any fragerance to either product? Do they really help get the paint off - even under nails and in cuticles?!


to me the Gloves in the Bottle doesn't make it any easier to get the paint off, but it does make your hand softer and make the damage from the paint less. Really repairs all the damage that I do to my hands during the day and prevents more damage.

I don't think there is much fragrance, i can barely smell. so i am not a good person to ask.
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