things that made my day!
Getting a Google Alert that CRAFT Zine had posted my Dry Erase Doodle Man project on the CRAFT Zine blog:

Then after the Martha Stewart Episode re-aired today I checked out to see what my book rankings were. I was so excited to see that my books are #1 and #2 Bestsellers in the Crafts/Papercrafts category and #2 in Bestsellers for General Crafts. Tomorrow that will all change as the rankings change minute by minute, but still that's a BIG Yay!!!

That makes for a good day! Now if I can get rid of this migraine, I will be set!

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I saw you on the Martha Stewart Show today- what a fun project! Also congratulations on being on the bestseller of craft books today! I'm sure that must be exciting. Keep up the great work!
Double "yay" for you !!!!!! Congratulations....and I KNOW book three will be just as successful !!
Congrats on being #1 and #2 on amazon! Cool.
Awesome!!! Congrats, what a rush that must be!!! Woohoo!
very cool! good luck with getting rid of that headache ...uggh!
Big YAY to you! Your books should be #1 and #2. They are GREAT books. Hugs, Jen
Hello Claudine
I like your artwork. I am artist running blog I would like to make interview with you by-mail, which I would like to put on my blog. Conntact me, if you are interested.
Claudine, a big congrats! wow!!! How exciting, I'm sure there'll be many more moments like this one in your future!!
Next stop...Oprah! LOL Can you imagine? Say yes and it will happen! I own all your books already so I am looking forward to the new one!
i saw you on martha. you did a super job. congrats on the sales!

Congratulations Claudine! These are fantastic news! I hope that your migraine is gone by now.
Because your books are great! I Own both of those and they are full of helpful techniques and inspiring artwork. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!
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