relaxing is harder than I thought
Even though I said I wouldn't - I checked my email at least 12 times times today. Leaving work behind and relaxing has been harder than I thought it would be. Tomorrow I will be away from the hotel so I will be forced to be away from email -- we are going to Key West and I can see Hemingway's 6-toed cats. I can hardly wait! night night.


I am so glad you are taking time off. I can, however, relate to checking the email. I always end up doing that, too! Have a great time and enjoy a much deserved break!
good for YOU, taking time off and you need/deserve it. work will be there when you get back and it's okay. get some much needed r&r in and ENJOY! hugs, rachel
Last time I went away for a couple of days I swore that I would never leave my computer at home again! For better or worse we all seem to have become email and internet addicted! Isn't Key West beautiful? Enjoy !
OK, if you must..... ha! ha! We go through this every time we try to go away, actually the cell phone is far worse in my book, and I "collect" places with bad phone reception! Anyway, try doing your e-mail when Paul is in the shower, I always come out to find tht is what Jack is doing! Have also heard it from other friends.

Meanwhile, does this mean Poppets in Margaritaville?!

Cracked up at your Mom's Boo & Toby report! Someone failed to inform Boo apparently!!!

have a great time- best to Paul!
It's so hard to relax. Hope you enjoy your time.

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